And now, for part two:

I got myself some nice cardboard, and drew a rough sketch of the motion. However, I forgot to get a semi-transparent plastic sheet so I could make a shadowless ‘sky‘ for the Transformer to rest on.

Transformers Energon Treadshot test animation

(requires Macromedia Flash plugin)

This time, I was in Manual exposure mode, 1/50 seconds, F2.6, macro focus, ISO 50 and auto white balance. It took me 10 minutes to take all 45 frames. I did not do the multiple camera angles because this Transformer was so simple, it would be cooler done in one motion.

My previous, more elaborate attempt was here, with Transformers Alternators Meister.

You want more? I’m getting a proper tripod and hopefully, semi-transparent plastic tomorrow. This is just a teaser. 😉

10 thoughts on “Treadshot-motion

  1. Will Post author

    The biggest challenge lies in getting the Transformer to transform without making it look like there was an earthquake going on in the background.

  2. C.L. Post author

    Wow, it’s getting more splendid by the days… can’t wait for latest developments. Nick Park will praise you for that…

  3. Lainie Post author

    hah…pretty cool. first one was way more impressive solely because of how much more was going on, but i kinda like how this one flies towards the screen


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