Journal Of Drinking Alcoholic

Let’s get it started.

Google bomb Journal Of Drinking Alcoholic.

Google bomb?

Yeah. Link to Journal Of Drinking Alcoholic with that exact title.

Why Google bomb Paul? Because it’s an interesting experiment, to see if we Malaysian bloggers (and not spammers) are ranked highly enough by Google to have any effect.

Okay, also maybe because he tagged me. 😀 Though I must say, I was waiting for someone to tag me, as this meme did seem quite fun.

The Golden Rules:

1) write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:

– I
– me
– blowjob
– grapes
– random
– power
– loneliness
– water
– robot
– blue

2) Out of the 10 words, you can only change 2 words.
I didn’t change any.

3) Your essay must make some kind of sense. if it�s not cool, then it won�t get published…
I watched Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle last night, and Dude, Where’s My Car? sometime this year. Harold & Kumar is sadly rooted in sober realism, despite them being less exemplary, in the quest for weed; other dude movies always featured dudes going all out for their girlfriends, e.g. Dude, Where’s My Car, Wayne’s World, Bill & Ted. The problem with H&K was that these two weren’t dudes just bumming around; they actually had ambition, proper job(s), a nice car, and not-too-outrageous gags. Even a Ben Stiller movie has better gags! Dude movies are meant to throw all sense out the window. They had weed; that could’ve been a bigger prop. The other dude movies had no weed, yet they elicited more laughs.

And yet, in a different view, it could be exemplary how politically correct the movie was. What with the black guy and the police and racism jabs. Almost every scene had a moral lesson, if you weren’t too stoned to notice it.

4) Send to 5 people.
I’ll send it to my mom, my dad, my paternal grandma, paternal grandpa and paternal grandma. See I’m such a family-oriented boy, I hear chicks dig that. Oh, you meant that those people have to have blogs?

My strange essay (exactly 200 words!)

Underground musicians and their listeners are a persecuted lot. Imagine attending a gig when men in power, dressed in blue arrest you for some random offence. They say black metal will be illegal. Problem is, they don’t know what black metal is, and arrested these hardcore punk kids anyway. And then some people just eating at a mamak nearby. Throw in the char kuay teow seller too. It’s no wonder we’re being sour grapes about it. Want to escape a summons, pretty lady? Give the man a blowjob.

Expect to pay two digits for mineral water and a phone call. Yes, the phone call that should be your right.

Know your rights and lodge a complaint! Do not go alone, or loneliness will be yours for hours at end while waiting for the inspector to come attend to you. They need to be badgered to do things, so go in a group. Trust me. You don’t have to go to the correct police station to lodge a report; they’re supposed to take it anyway. I would rather that the standard issue cop be a morally hard-coded, law-enforcing robot of justice, but we�ve spoiled them. Take the summons, you car-driving cheapskates!

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