2nd May 2014: PicitPlay@VCR, an acoustic night at VCR Cafe, down at Jalan Galloway, opposite Pudu Jail and up the ramp.

The event was for charity, for the stray animals of Pudu that they’d like to call strays of Galloway, and Tasputra Perkim, a daycare for special children who are physically, visually and mentally disabled in Ampang Hilir that needs healthy food supplies.

First up: More Than Me Music, formerly known as Masha’s Berg.

Awesome, awesome acoustic guitar work, with nice solos.

Emcee for the night.

Photobombing crowd of the night.

Them shoes.

Afiq Fauzi. Nice voice, plus he did a cover of Foo Fighters – My Hero.

This area of VCR Cafe, upstairs, used to be occupied by a pop-up store that made little black dresses.

This area of VCR Cafe, downstairs, leads to the toilet. Everyone is playing with their smartphone, except one guy – only because he’s out of juice and charging!

Just So You Know. Basswork was particularly mesmerizing.

They too covered a Foo Fighters song – Everlong, to be exact.

Next up: An Honest Mistake!

On the right is Darren; Ashley is on the left.

I really like Ashley’s hair here. For once I am unable to unequivocally declare who has the nicest hair in the band.

Oh and yes, videos of every band.

Darren’s students.

And then, to close the night…

Diandra Arjunaidi!

Lovely lass with a lovely voice.

I then bumped into Avril Chan, who was looking so triangle that night. So triangle, if her car broke down she could stand behind it and cars would know to avoid it.

We then adjourned to Wong Ah Wah, across Jalan Pudu, on Jalan Alor, for some of that awesome fried chicken and fried stingray fish. Here’s a random fat cat enjoying stingray skin.

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