Tiah Ridhwani LIVE @ The Bee, Publika

3rd May 2014: Tiah Ridhwani LIVE @ The Bee, Publika!

This was in conjunction with Lot 36, a Saturday night series at The Bee, Publika.

The few times I’d been to a Lot 36 show they’d always put up some class acts!

Familiar faces.

Yvonne! *points* My friend my friend!

Faz Aznam in hiding. With Yvonne, they perform as Calico.

David, sporting a new hairdo.

If I had to describe her voice in one word, it would be: Woman. There’s a specific intonation to this that I can’t spell in words. Y’know?

Regretfully, I did not stay too long, as I alternated between two gigs at two opposite ends of Publika.

On the walk back.

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