Laundry X AHM Records: YouTube Thursday

8th May 2014: Laundry X AHM Records: YouTube Thursday at Laundry Bar, The Curve! I regretfully missed Dee Yaz.

First act: Country-influenced Amrita Soon!

Cool braids.

Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake, and An Honest Mistake Records, as emcee and organizer.

The theme was YouTube Thursday, and this is one famous YouTube star.

Elizabeth Tan!

John on guitar.

She was sporting a nifty vocal harmonizer, which she used to great effect.

The sweet vocal harmonies of Hani & Zue followed. This is Hani!

This is Zue!

I’d have remembered them from Zarul x Hani x Zue, an awesome vocal trio with keyboard and guitar. This is not Zarul, but a band member…

…of a band.

They’d also gotten a louder rock sound.

For some reason I thought they were sisters before, but they are not.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, Google Glass!

Last act of the night: Christian Palencia!

This would in fact be the first time I’d see him as a band.

Drummer in zen.

Some said the bassist reminded them of a mini Zaim, himself a prolific bassist.

Jocelyn on keys.

Kadri on bass.

Hipster overload on guitar. But man, can this dude play hot licks!

Christian berates me for having fun with captioning.

Yi Shien, sans glasses.

Christian, sans jacket.

He also sported a drumstick to later hit drums with.

He zings the crowd…

…and the crowd gets zinged.

Sometimes I don’t see them making faces for the camera until after I see the picture.

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