Green Eyed Monsters

What’s up with female bloggers and their obsession with other pretty female bloggers? About every urbanite Malaysian female well versed with the Internet, blogger or not, reads Xiaxue (whether they hate her or not) and JoyceTheFairy (whether they drink alcohol or not). Some bloggers even post pictures of their aforementioned idols on their blog. Some hate them.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

I just don’t see guys doing it.

Yes, society sets such strong pressure on girls and their physical appearance. But then, you don’t ever see the most insecure of guys talking about how they wish they were as good-looking as… uh…

Name me one Malaysian blogger you read because the author is sex on a stick jaw-droppingly handsome.

Okay, maybe everyone reads Kenny Sia. But is it because he’s good-looking, or because he’s funny? (And he meets chicks, which falls back to previous statement.) If he was that good-looking, I’d turn gay. But no. Girls have admitted that Joyce is so hot they wish they were lesbian.

I guess the only male bloggers who bother to camwhore consistently are gay. And straight guys don’t admit to reading gay blogs.

For the record, lest he’d never send me games for my future handphone, smashpOp doesn’t take enough pictures of himself to show off how cute he is, and he’s not gay. I don’t post pictures of myself which don’t prove a point, be it modelling a hair clip for rockers, infrared eyes or showing off which hot female bloggers I met.

7 thoughts on “Green Eyed Monsters

  1. chengsim Post author

    oi. im not obsessed with female bloggers!!

    Albert, i don’t think looks play an important factor in getting traffic to one’s blog. im not saying he’s not good looking or anything but look at Kenny!! although they’re many pretty girls out there with a blog, many still stick to his blog no matter what. then again, not many guys blogged because they prefer to play online games than to think and jot their opinions down.

  2. tina Post author

    er. i never knew kenny’s blog existed until about less than a month ago.

    friend: omg! have u read kenny sia’s blog?
    me: who??
    friend: kenny sia! his stuff is so funny and quite insightful.
    me: *blur!* never heard of him.
    friend: check him out!

    i did. i laughed. i don’t think he’s that good looking. *no offence kenny*

    i’m a female blogger myself. i think i read more blogs by guys.. cos i think there’s a lil more wit. and i don’t think its amusing to cam whore and post it up on your blog *no offence*… but i have to admit. its rather entertaining on a bad day. u know, when u need a laugh?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    tina: LOL, you make checking out kennysia’s blog sound like checking out burger stalls.

    chengsim: Nope, but yeah, guys… just don’t camwhore properly. In that sense, it’s a deficit in camwhoring guys.

    I personally find bimbos entertaining. Why else do we care about Jessica Simpson?

  4. su-ann Post author

    hi 🙂

    not to be presumptuous, but perhaps it’s just living vicariously? … *shrugs* just my 2 cents

    by the way, your blog is pretty entertaining… 🙂



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