Tiger Translate Kenanga

14th June 2014: I headed down to Kenanga, next to Hang Tuah LRT station.

An interesting part of Kuala Lumpur that I’d not seen before.

Some shophouses were nicer-looking than others. They all sold textile-related goods.

Quite a cool alley.

I reached Kenanga Wholesale City, in search of Tiger Translate, an event that was not stated on any signboard or poster outside. I had to call Ann Na, who was the proxy to my ticket benefactor (Sepet Vernz), to ask if I was in the correct building.

I tried my luck by going all the way up to the 8th, 9th and 10th floor. When I found nothing, I went to the lift, and discovered that the lift would go up to 15 floors, so I got out on the 15th floor where it said events should be at – and saw a rear door and the event’s loud music booming through the wall.

A security guard told me to go down one floor and enter from there. So I took the stairs down one floor to 13A, and found it was just a car park. I went down again to 13, also finding it a car park. I then took the lift up to 15, getting off when all the people who looked like they were going for the event got off. They, too, were told to go down one floor.

And so, we all took the stairs, since the lift took forever, and tried our luck at the car park – one group going left, the other going right. I followed the group going right, and we eventually saw that the entrance was the car ramp going up to 15. There was no sign, poster or bunting that would hint where it was. A speakeasy event, perhaps?

Even the ticket didn’t say what floor it was at. Apparently, this place was popular for K-pop concerts, but the people who were going for this event didn’t seem to be the same demographic as K-pop fans.


Awesome blue versus yellow theme.


Art installation versus art you always carry with you.

Tiger stripes.

Sunclipsing light. (Sunset is technically incorrect as the sun does not set around the Earth.)

Here’s the view from the 15th floor, near the balcony. Pudu Jail! Also, the rest of Kenanga’s shophouses.

This is all that is left of Pudu Jail – its doorway.

Surau An Nur Pudu survived the demolition of Pudu Jail.

Fascinating bungalow.

I didn’t catch this band’s name… but then there wasn’t an emcee announcing it, either, nor a set list.

Good lighting, though.

Bokeh time with the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA.

Good Canto rock, if I remember correctly.

There were also trampolines, and Leonard Chua on trampolines.

Darren Teh on trampoline (as opposed to vocals and guitars on An Honest Mistake, who was not playing that night.)

Manic Sheep, from Taiwan.

Nice aggressive stuff, despite this smiley picture, and a full sound despite being a 3-piece band.

Nearer to sunclipse.

Just a bit after magic hour, where artificial light and natural light is in balance.

Jeremy bounces.

Indirect ticket b-Ann-Na-factor bounces.


They hail from Hong Kong!

Drum shot.


I left before OJ Law, regrettably, and The Editors, to head to another gig (this was #2 of 3 for the day!)

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