Tabloid Party Time!

14th June 2014: Tabloid Party Time at The Bee, Publika! This would be the first time I caught a full set with my camera, with this exact lineup.

Their new logo, on the drum set, designed by Keat Leong.

Faz on guitar!

Melina on bass in jacket!

Sharon on vocals! She wears many hats, but not today as the ponytails would displace them.

Yvonne on vocals! Both taking equal time on the microphone.

Adriane on drums.

David in a sea of keys, and a vocoder.

Sharon pops, locks and hops all over the stage!

Mystery gizmo on the floor.

Percussion time! This was probably their Outkast – Hey Ya cover.

More keyboard time…

…with Yvonne singing songs that R&B divas sing.

Kevin, sporting a new hairdo, admittedly quite stylish!


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