Fish De La Musique 2014

21st June 2014: Here’s the last from the series of Fete De La Musique Malaysia 2014 pictures, except that none of these pictures have to do with musicians performing music.

Instead, here are musicians and their best friends! I think I removed barrel distortion by pulling a slider in DxO Optics Pro to 100.

My Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye, at F3.5, doesn’t let in a lot of light in a place without a lot of light. This was one reason I didn’t bring it out for many years.

This causes some slow shutter speeds to be used, unfortunately.

DxO Optics Pro has this slider to remove Fisheye distortion. Here’s what it looks like all the way to 100.

Another defished picture – though you can still see the fisheye effect, unless you double-defish. A single-defish makes for a good crop, like this picture and the first.

Jia Wen discovers that I am indeed fishy.

She then discovers that she, too, is a fish.

She thinks the fisheye will look good in her belly.

A circular fisheye, as opposed to a diagonal fisheye, has a circular image and covers 180 degrees from opposite ends of the circle. (A diagonal fisheye covers 180 degrees from opposite corners.) This makes the circular fisheye have a wider angle of view, but is much harder to compose without getting everything in. Thus the usual shots are either from the top facing down… (and spot Jia Wen unhappy that she is not eating my fisheye…)

…and facing up.

It cries to be in the center of the action. The nearer an object is, the larger it appears.

Part 2 here.
Part 1 here.

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