Moonshine: Spotlight ft Paperplane Pursuit, Nakedbreed, Bihzhu & Crinkle Cut / July 2014

3rd July 2014: Moonshine: Spotlight ft Paperplane Pursuit, Nakedbreed, Bihzhu & Crinkle Cut / July 2014 at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

First act of the night…

Crinkle Cut!

Acoustic loungey harmony.

They had a floral theme today! Plus points for any band that coordinates themes.

Ashley smiling away as Grace plays the bleeps that she normally plays on an iPad.


Rocking the hat.

Frances, nervous because legendary songbird Najwa Mahiaddin is in the house!

Just chillin’.

Yes gong xi fa cai to you too!

Melinya who just joined the Chaswood Resources team as a sound engineer!

Hameer, emcee for the night.

Disco balls.


Percussionist Ryan David Gomes.

Bassist Fook.

Guitarist Raja Farouque.

And of course, Bihzhu on vocals and feel good vibes!

She brought on Herman Ramanado to sing a song with her. Here he is looking all eligible bachelor.

I particularly liked her last song; it had an interesting, darker inflection.

Naked Breed!

The bassist had a CheaPro GuitarCam on. The maker of these things, Kevin Theseira, is behind him.

This is what it records.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a video, cleverly mixed with footage from the front, shot by Kevin Theseira.

What, no drum cam?

Jack the shredder. This guitar is ironic, because it has locking nuts, traditionally found on guitars with floating bridges, but this guitar has a fixed bridge – also ironic because it’s an EVH Wolfgang Special, and Eddie Van Halen used a floating bridge to great effect, doing divebombs and inventing his own add-on attachment to allow a floating bridge guitar to quickly switch from standard E tuning to Drop D tuning – the EVH D-Tuna! (Changing from standard E to Drop D on a floating bridge would require you to retune everything very tediously.)

I was interested in the D-Tuna for a while, but I could not find any local music shop stocking it. The only way to get one easily was to buy this same guitar, but the floating bridge version – it came with the D-Tuna pre-installed! The only drawback of the D-Tuna being that the floating bridge needed to be blocked so you could not pull up, only divebomb, but pulling up can be done with bending anyway!

They still rock hard, even breaking into a little Nirvana – Breed. A member of the audience whose identity I shall not uncover, said he remembered seeing them when they played at Rock The World 3. I was taken aback, because this was quite a young-looking dude!

Last band of the night – Paperplane Pursuit!

Drummers who can sing!

The only other bass I’ve seen with fanned frets!

John the frontman knows how to work the crowd and entertain.

This is what it looks like from the camera end.

Electric blue, electric performance.

Isaac, who may have something to do with their band merchandise, one of which is a cool Salty Customs T-shirt that says “Made In Malaysia”.

The drummer then gets on the bass…

…and the drummer chills out in the back while John sings and drums.

Too damn awesome!

As if that wasn’t enough, Darren, his brother-in-law (notice the Capture-The-Flag color contrast) comes on to sing.

“Oh hey there my guitarist!”

They sing their pop anthem, Beat Of Your Love.

Yes, this one, with the awesome video.

What a night! Here’s Crinkle Cut + Yvonne Chong + Grace Cho.

Ashley shows us how to disappear into Laundry Bar’s wallpaper.

I realize how someday, we will associate wallpaper with a digital display’s background image more than actual decorative paper that is glued to a physical wall. When was the last time you thought “change your wallpaper” meant stripping a wall and pasting a new design on?

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