Discovariety Thursday

10th July 2014: Laundry X AHM Records Present: Discovery Thursday at Laundry Bar, The Curve! Here’s Shane of Ministry Of Blunk.

Here’s Vishnu, but we call him Black Jesus.

They have a sessioning bassist.

Isaac on drums. Unfortunately I got there only in time for their last song and missed most of their new sound!

Darren Teh of An Honest Mistake (and An Honest Mistake Records), emcee and organizer.

Meanwhile, outside, Ray Cheong and band, practicing.

Back2Basixx, a vocal harmony group!

Looking all dapper.

Sharply suited.

Cool shave!

Daryll on guitar.

Their own Bruno Mars.

Side bokeh time!

Christian Theseira, who also sings R&B with his band. (Thanks Christian for the correction!)

Back2Basixx from the back.

Christian then gets on guitar while Daryll sings.

If he’s familiar, that’s because he performed at Laundry Bar almost 8 years ago, on the 13th of July 2006, at an open mic session at the third ever Moonshine at Laundry Bar, or the seventh ever Moonshine. (Yes, this picture was taken with a Canon Powershot A520, not a dSLR, and it is misfocused.)

Just for listmania, here are the first 10:

1) 26th November 2005, No Black Tie
2) 15th December 2005, No Black Tie
3) 5th January 2006, No Black Tie
4) 2nd February 2006, No Black Tie (postponed due to complications with DBKL.)
5) 11th May 2006, Laundry Bar (same lineup as the postponed Moonshine #4, just relocated.)
6) 1st June 2006, Laundry Bar
7) 13th July 2006, Laundry Bar
8) 10th August 2006, Laundry Bar
9) 14th September 2006, Laundry Bar
10) 12th October 2006, Laundry Bar

Meanwhile, Darren looks busy on a laptop.

Ray Cheong, double-tapping fingerstyle extraordinaire.

The song is elevated with Jonathan Khor’s violin.

Ryan Lee Bhaskaran, on percussion.

Ray sings his soul out.

Meanwhile, this soul-stealer…

…is featured in the next band, Black Lightbulb.

Here’s Raja Farouque looking as handsome as a cat can be.

Ian fills in for Zaim, with one extra bass string.

Simmy just got out of prison and hasn’t found her civilian wear.

The genre is rock of the instrumental type, but Hameer adds acoustic guitar and rock vocals. They even did a cover of Led Zeppelin – Kashmir!

Farouque on fire on slide on guitar on speaker on stage.

Simmy then released her hair as all rock stars should.

The next rock star, however, kept it all under a cap.

The brutal Deumuseth!

There’s just three of them.

They play music so heavy, they have difficulty carrying their own weight.

Minor electronica.

Dark, heavy, Drop E tuning (an 8-string guitar adds a 7th string which is a lower B, and an 8th string which is a lower F#, but from his tuning and comparing a video to my tuner it looks like he dropped the 8th string to E so it plays like Drop D on a 6-string guitar.) Although we were all getting into the sound of the djenty guitar, so low the band doesn’t need a bassist, I do wish there was more higher register guitar work though! (This also makes me wonder if there are bands that are just a drummer and an 8-string guitarist, where either one of them sings.)

Sara, an accomplished screamer.

What a varied night! Music ranging from heavy sludge to vocal harmony!

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