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5th July 2014: Dotters’ Division featuring Frances Tsen at The Bee, Publika!

Dotters’ Division, being the resident band for The Bee, plays every Saturday 9:30PM, featuring a different guest each night.

Frances Tsen, vocalist for Crinkle Cut, with Melissa Wong, guitarist for Crinkle Cut (and vocalist for Dotters’ Division.) So this is half of Crinkle Cut, really.

They started the second set with just Linet and Melissa singing a ballad.

Jie Er on bass.

Timekeeper Rebecca.

Boss Linet.

Red Power Ranger Melissa.

As with all guests, the setlist changes somewhat, so they did The Jacksons – Blame It On The Boogie.

Meanwhile, out at the entrance…

a picture I took! (It is mirrored so she faces towards the poster, obviously.)

Two weeks later, 19th July 2014: Dotters’ Division featuring Ashley Choong at The Bee, Publika!

Audrey on saxophone as almost always…

…with Leroy on keyboard.

That makes Rebecca the only band member I’ve not seen absent and temporarily replaced.

Yes, Ashley’s huge congas block the bass and drums.

She normally plays cajon for Crinkle Cut, sitting down.

Thus the angle is a bit different, as she takes center stage!

She swayed left and right rhythmically, quite like she was adopted by Steve Thornton or something.

The setlist included some Latin song I don’t remember the name of, and Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity, in addition to their regular funky trip across rock and pop music history.

50% of Crinkle Cut, again. Including Frances from the above set it would be 75%.

25% Crinkle Cut, 100% awesome voice.

Meanwhile, Yvonne Chong, also with an awesome voice, deciding what to eat in full swag.

’twas time to get down!

Crowd singalong!

Oh hi Stephanie!

Sing aaa don’t don’t sing!


Gotta love how they work the crowd!

Max discovers the sauce.

Lydia Ong and Kevin.

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