29th August 2014: SOUNDSTRUCK : LIVE! (AUGUST EDITION) at The Bee, Jaya One. Here’s Amrita Soon!

But first, I bumped into Jonathan Yip outside…

…who I also photographed with my infrared-modded Sony Alpha NEX-5. This is without the infrared pass filter, so it is visible plus infrared light.

Yau Hui, without flash, for that infrared-eyed look.

Back inside, organizer and emcee Daniel Wong.

Playful Talitha Tan was next!

Super cool lap cajon. I don’t know what the proper name for it is.

Come sing along!

Through the infrared.

Farouque on guitar.

Guest vocalist Nicholas Ng.

Here’s a break of normal color, with the Sony Alpha 7S and Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95.

All shots were without the infrared pass filter…

…mainly because I forgot to bring them. Here’s Jee!

His music is so fresh if his jokes were fishes they’d still be flopping on the table. Here he plays guitar and keyboard at the same time!

SelfIR time.

Amanda Love.

ISO4000 on the A7S is super clean. I just can’t get over this, remembering how it was with previous cameras. There’d be a pinch of noise and its color and tonality wouldn’t be as nice.

Bleached hair always turns out bright, reflecting plenty of infrared.

The only regrettable thing about not bringing the infrared pass filter is that infrared and visible light focus at different wavelengths, so when it is mixed either one will be slightly out of focus.

I took a toilet break and walked past Malone’s to discover another band!

I have seen some of these faces.

Wanted Symphony.

It was around this time that I discoved my beloved Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 had a bit of play in the focus ring, and my attempt to nudge and tighten it back made it worse, with it ending up being unable to focus anything further than 50cm or so.

I’ve since sent it to the dealer who sent it to the factory, and topped up for the Dark Knight Pro edition of this lens. The factory says they just tightened some screws and readjusted infinity.

And so, all my shots from here onwards are with the Sony E 16mm F2.8 pancake, because that’s the only other lens I brought.

Jamie Chen.

So yes, I’d have to make do with cropping pictures from a wide-angle lens! Fortunately, the NEX-5 was an APS-C camera and gave me more reach.

One acoustic guitar, please!

A Taylor! Sweet.

Nicholas Ng guests again.

Forever In Atlas.

Cool shirt yo.

This KissKillMary shirt, too, was cool, with letters that puzzled Joshua and I. Can you figure out what it means?

If a self-portrait is a selfie, is a group portrait a groupie?

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