Feedback Open Mic ft Reza Salleh & Fazz @ The Bee Publika / December 2014 Edition

25th November 2014: Feedback Open Mic ft Reza Salleh & Fazz @ The Bee Publika / December 2014 Edition. Didn’t catch this guy’s name.


Jack Fastbeats?


Saturday Afternoon on a Tuesday evening.

Didn’t catch this band’s name.

Don’t know who took this shot of Jone, Fazz’s drummer.

Defusion. Awesome instrumental groove metal!

Reza Salleh, first featured act.

Regular bassist Melina…

…and a surprise Adriane on drums! We’d not seen him in this format for the longest time.

Shane Tan and Kelly Siew, in the crowd.

Caught Red-Handed.

Raja Farouque of Fazz with Kelly Siew. He also plays guitar for her.

Now, Fazz!

Second featured act…

…and always smiley.

I wouldn’t know why keyboardists always take this side of the stage.

Shane took this picture with the Sony Playmemories app on his phone. You can’t see it in the picture as it’s hidden.

Donna Marie.

Talitha Tan.

Love the Capture-The-Flag color scheme!

Fikri Azam.

Eloise Lau. I’d been waiting for her to come to this and blow the crowd away, and blow the crowd away she did. I saw Fariz of Saturday Afternoon with the look of falling in love, and I wanted to tell his bandmate Melissa, who was sitting behind him, that Fariz had that look, when I realized she, too, was falling in love.


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