Moonshine: Spotlight ft Tilu, Dash, Anna Chong & Reza Salleh / December 2014 Edition

4th December 2014: Moonshine: Spotlight ft Tilu, Dash, Anna Chong & Reza Salleh / December 2014 Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve. Here’s hardworking organizer and emcee Reza Salleh!

Anna Chong.

Her music is ever haunting and mesmerizing.


She gets all tribal.

In the crowd, and Christmas bokeh.

Reza Salleh next.

Long-time bassist Melina.

Adriane on drums this time.

Next up…


His afro, hidden this time.

Regular saxman.

They have a jazzy pop sound.

Been a while since I’d seen this band around!

Wider shots with the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro edition.

So there’s someone else who likes bringing backpacks on stage!

Last act of the night…

…and also for Moonshine…

…was the band of Darren Ashley…

…called Dash.

Ryan tends to have cool T-shirts.

Sometimes Laundry has cool background lighting.

Darren the electropop cat.

John the evil brother-in-law.

Opposing like Capture The Flag colors!

Can’t decide which of the two pictures I prefer.

Drum not-so-solo!

The end.

Reza announced that it was the last Moonshine, after a great run of 9 years, as Laundry found it running at a loss. Sad, and coincidentally, Az Samad’s open mic at The Venue ran 9 times; Amrita Soon’s Treehouse open mic also ran 9 times.

We didn’t want to leave just yet, with the scene coming out in full force.

The sign at the entrance.

And now, for a bonus section!

Pictures taken by random people; I don’t know who took what, but I know I didn’t take them. I like this shot very much!

Maybe he did.

Lean on me.

Darren in the crowd.

Son Of A Policeman’s bassist.




All hail the king of the night that allowed these pictures in the dark to be taken with such clarity, my Sony Alpha 7S.

Yvonne lookin’ all suspicious and shit.

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