Urbanscapes 2014: The Democratic Mayor’s Republic Of North Bangsar

6th December 2014: Urbanscapes 2014, at Awana Horse Ranch, Genting Highlands! I took so many pictures that I had to split this blog post into two parts.

But first, a look at The Democratic Mayor’s Republic Of North Bangsar, a gigantic walk-in parody full of puns and comics, all for picture-taking and laughing. Oh, and Zunar.

A road burial site.

Oh so punny!

See if you can figure out which section of Bangsar this is supposed to rhyme with.

This, too!

They’re on a roll here.

An iconic staple of Bangsar, of course…

Another place I know in Bangsar.

Inside, posters with Jon Mayor adorn the place.

They even have their own doctor, and their own hospital.

A gym, too!

The inside.

More great portraits of Jon Mayor, Supreme Leader.

His biography, spotted on a lighted cube.

The other side.

Yup, his pet car Pony Eusoff.

More glorious representations of the Supreme Leader.

A mural.

A cinema, showing posters of movies he was featured in!

Sadly, I did not get to watch any of them.

On the plus side, they did show his artwork.

Some wild animals captured, on display.

Jon Mayor, with Tenacious D.

Jon Mayor takes a selfie, like all good politicians out there in touch with their citizens.

Through a peekhole.

Perhaps it was time I went to see the Mayor!

There he was, upstairs, approachable as always. I kissed his hand for good measure, as a sign of respect and submission.

There was music! Lawrence Graham had a DJ set.

There were YouTube superstars!

There was poetry and spoken word!

Freedom of speech!

Sheena, not the punk rocker.

The crowd was colorful.

+2db +Jon Mayor (who’d later have a DJ set, which I missed.)

I did not, however, miss his speech. This was the beginning of Comedy Hour – Kuah Jenhan & Rakan Rakan.

He truly believes in multi-racial representation, with a token Indian comedian…

…and a token Malay one, who is also female! Sharmaine would also point out the postcode of North Bangsar is a cheeky 80085.

And, of course, an educated doctor.

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