Urbanscapes Highlands

6th December 2014: Urbanscapes 2014, at Awana Horse Ranch, Genting Highlands! Here’s the second (and last) part.

It is a place to bump into old friends who have blossomed into spoken-word-readers!

Acquaintances busy at work I didn’t get to say hi!

Rock stars not too famous to take a picture with!

Yeah, I tried it.

Don’t look at me!

The standard straight-on hipster pose.

Mural Cubes.

This video should have some good bokeh, at such a distance.

Finally! Some onesies! Where is the caterpillar onesie I was hoping for?

Spin and see if you’re lucky.

Spin inside.

The Market Of Experiences.

Tongue In Chic! Joyce’s hair isn’t the yummy-looking pink floss anymore.

This should be interesting.

This was what I originally thought the horse ranch was. I remember always seeing this as the bus would pass by on the way up to Genting Highlands.

Biji Biji.

Like a walk-in science center!

Anytime is selfie time.

Be kind, rewind.

Cycle power!

Liyana Fizi spotted with a cool banana umbrella!

Didi meanwhile has a banana holder, with a banana inside! A banana inside a banana? That’s bananas!

Regretfully, this picture is out of focus.

It started to rain, and these poor chaps were stuck inside.

Those with raincoats and hoodies braved it.

I didn’t bring an umbrella since last year’s Urbanscapes didn’t allow it in; instead I brought a hoodie that was somewhat waterproof. It also shielded against the Genting breeze, that was sadly non-existent that night.

Inside one of the many tents where hipsters sook refuge.

Jia Wen’s smile is unmistakeable.

Bumped into Jolin, who introduced me to so many important people back in the day.

The camwhoring continues.

Return of the space cowgirl!

I missed every act at the Upfront stage…

…but at the Urbanscapes stage…

…I did not miss Kimbra.

I can see why everyone is in love with her.

She’s just like in the videos, crazy and kooky dance moves on stage.

Instruments changed, but her dress stayed.

I bumped into Kingsley earlier, who gave me a ride down Genting that night. We’d jammed, sort of, in the now demolished Pekeliling flats.

DJ Leng Yein spotted just before we left!

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