Ice, Ice Baby

I was on the PUTRA LRT on evening, from Pasar Seni to KL Sentral, standing next to a glass pane. A white-haired Chinese man with glasses sat on the seat just behind the glass. From where I stood, I had a bird’s eye view of his balding head.

He coughed profusely, and I could not help but look. He was typing a message:

To: Ice wife, Mary
On the train now
going to reach
the station.

I snickered.

Maybe when I’m married and old, I’ll call my wife an Ice wife, too.

It was then that my mom messaged me, and I realized why he called her Ice wife! My mom was ICE in my phonebook.

In the UK, people save a loved one’s number as ICE, short for In Case of Emergency. This is so that if you suddenly collapse in the street, a paramedic/hospital staff can dial the number saved as ICE and ask if the person has any allergies and health complications, etc. (My dad’s not the toxicologist in the family and can’t remember what each member’s allergies are, plus he doesn’t carry his phone around, so he’s not the ICE, ICE baby.)

There’s also a hoax going around saying that if you save a number as ICE you’ll get charged premium rates. Ignore those.

And now, for a random conversation quip inspired by the very funny Just Sewjin:

Kingsley, Asyraf and I were having supper.

Albert: So, right, I was in Bentley Music back in 2004, and I was showing MW which electric guitar I wanted to buy, the lickable butterscotch Ibanez GSA 370-QM, and then I realized there and then that it had 22 frets and not 24! I was dashed!
Kingsley: Oh man!
Asyraf: Er, what’s the difference between 22 and 24 frets?
Albert: It’s like uh… the difference between a 50mm F1.8 and a 50mm F1.4 lens.
Asyraf: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay, so it’s not funny. But his blog is.

Here’s a lazy pimp to something for otakus, but because Dustyhawk calls me an 455 I’ll just put one link.
C2AGE: Cosplay, Comic, Anime and Games Convention

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