Classic Rock And Moonshine

One fateful 6th of April 2007, I landed in Hartamas after a client shoot. Yes you hear me ma beetches you gotta pay me now!

It so happened to be Classic Rock night at KL Jamasia!

Indianapoli was playing, with the funkiest bass player with the funkiest headless bass guitar. A Steinberger! (Or broom, if you forget.)

Back in those days when rock was classic and true, drummers sang, too. If you’ve ever seen the video for The Eagles – Hotel California (the original 1970s version) you’d see total darkness… the 12-string starts playing… followed by lead guitar… and the lights slowly turn up on Don Henley‘s copper afro… and he starts drumming, and sings, “On a dark desert highway…”


His neck was craned forwards, and we can see why it wasn’t the most practical thing.

These guys were all about funk. My hair poofed up ala the 1970s. I love funk rock!

Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music? Check. Beatles – Come Together? Check.

Yeah they got the funky hits, but what if they played some uh… (hardcore?) funk and played Funky Meters – Africa?

They read my mind. “Take me back! To the motherrrland!

I didn’t come that early, so I cannot attest to whether they did something for the Minister of The New New Super Heavy Funk.

Then there was Kamasutra and Famous Friends! This is Sujesh, best known as the Audiofile guy to all you guitar geeks who read The Star.

R.S. Murthi, for those who read the New Straits Times…

He is a crazy shredder. He seems to be shredding randomly with such tenacity and yet sounds coherent with wah pedal. His random jams reminded me of Jimi Hendrix. Plus he did All Along The Watchtower, yeah!

Paul of the place formerly known as Paul’s Place. The way I write this makes it sound like he was kicked out of his house in a black wifebeater with expression to match.

But hell yeah, when they played Cream – Sunshine Of Your Love, some dude came up dancing. Spot the Jeff Ooi who even blogged about the gig! It was his first time here. However, he is not a stranger to music, as he later was interv seen asking R.S. Murthi how he got such a hot sound out of his Fender Telecaster. He was quite the music geek then!

Natural light versus a borrowed Sony HVL-F56AM.

You may or may not have noticed mostly muted, unexaggerated colors; the look is inspired by the shoot-it-as-it-is newspaper look inspired by the newspaper-employed people I shot.

Fast forward to the 12th of April 2007, for Moonshine at Laundry Bar!

Yu-Ri and Vostok 1 (his bandname was previously The Bodhi Tree. Keep up the trend of changing bandnames, it is fun.)

He also rocked out, which was funny because of his rather formal and unrocky shirt that made me think of Pete Teo rocking out. Of course, Pete Teo did rock out once upon a time; he was in a hair metal band!

We’re named after the spaceship which Yuri Gagarin first exited the Earth’s atmosphere in, exactly 46 years ago! Hehe what geeky joy!

Adrian’s like, whatever. Just play the song.

Plush. Hotness is a chick who plays bass guitar.

They played Incubus – Hilikus! What a great funk tune. I wouldn’t know how to describe Plush either, other than having some funk rock leanings.

All grrrl band.

Hana of Lucy In The Loo. The usual crowd was mysteriously gone. (So was a bandmate, whose other band Couple also is mysteriously missing Hana.)

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