Killer Loop

I shared files today when done I hit play
I like MP3 and the OGG
WMA can come KMA
So just let me be with my free copy
The introduction mode of transmission
Aided by the chip helps your data ship
The circulation subject to action
The grip holds the trip causing loss of sleep
The affividat is a money spat
Where the legalese imposed a freeze
Citing it a threat unless terms are met
Is it a sick wheeze or just a small sneeze?
Looping all day long tell me what is wrong
Looping all day long what is with this song?

One thought on “Killer Loop

  1. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    migawd, what talking you?…i don’t geddit…
    hey, btw, i absolutely HATEEeeeee pictures…argh.


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