22nd April 2007: My day was filled with percussion, before and after Screwed.

Ghrana! Performed by the Sikandar Arts Academy.


This is Sufi Culture. This is the KL Performing Arts Centre.

Modern Qawali. Ghazals and Ragas.

Clap that.

Yeah, I’m just paraphrasing their site. They were in The Actors Studio for a stint.

And after Screwed, I landed in Tugu Negara, for the Tugu Drum Circle!

Bought a djembe and wondered why it didn’t sound so nice on its own? Bring it out to the drum circle! They meet every Sunday from 5:30pm onwards.

Dhol, baby.

The interesting specimen! So this is where you come from. For bringing me to your turf, thanks babe!

Goes on into the wee evening where the mosquitoes come out to play. Them mosquitoes, they love a good rhythm. No wonder they come for me, I shake my legs a lot.

Look for Paul or Shady; those guys will teach you basic rhythms.

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