Digital Back

I’m back!

Thanks all for checking, and for entering your email address to get an update when the site is back up. I know it’s usually something you’d skip out of laziness.

Geek Explanation, Skip If Not Geek

How did I take up too much bandwidth? It must’ve been when Google decided to link to my yearly archives, which have a lot of pictures. It decided to do so for its image search, too. Hence, anybody searching for something that might come to my site… would get my entire archive, ultimately killing my bandwidth.

Thus, I have disabled the yearly archive feature; you can only view archives by month, and to view pictures you’d have to click [Click here to show pictures.] in the top-right corner. Also, the archives are no longer dynamic, and are cached HTML files.

I have also made it mandatory to add 2 to 3 the first time you post a comment. This should help with those annoying spambots.

Some of the pictures are not up yet; they’re still being reuploaded.

The much, much worse news is, I accidentally overwrote the new database with an old backup… which wiped out all comments from 9th March 2007 onwards. 🙁 Thousand apologies for that!

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