Moving Out

The 27th of July 2007 marked a sad day for me. I was leaving the office of mine for over 6 years; the Xfresh fishtank, in the All-Asia Broadcast Centre.

My desk, which overlooked a glass window which overlooked hot chicks coming in and out of the elevator walking to different departments. I will miss those hot chicks dearly.

I’d miss the Chinese fried rice (nasi goreng cina) and Goodday chocolate milk. Every excolleague I meet asks “does the AABC cafeteria still have nasi goreng cina? Oh man I miss that…“. I fondly say yes.

I’d routinely fish out prawns because I’m allergic to them.

One fine sunny Tuesday morning, I took the bus as usual to AABC. I then walked to the new office in Technology Park, Malaysia. (My original plan on Monday was foiled because of rain.)

An abandoned drink.

An underpass under the Lebuhraya Puchong – Sg. Besi.

Soon, I was reaching…

…passing the guardian of the car park…

…into the new building.

I found a mamak, where I have my fix of Teh Tarik Kurang Manis and Roti Kaya.

The new office.

Ah, sweet new cubicle. Sweet, fast broadband. Not so freezing cold air-conditioning.

I asked for a pool table, but I guess this would have to do.

Because I didn’t want to eat only at the mamak downstairs, I decided to check out other buildings and their cafeterias. This particular building had weird plants growing all over.

Sadly, the grass was indeed greener on the other side; this is the cafeteria at the Recreation Center.

Even construction works looked better than my building!

Patimas. This building was made to look and feel like a resort, complete with greenery, a pool, and a pool table (which supposedly is in a storeroom somewhere now.) The poolside cafeteria was a great idea; however the food wasn’t great.

14 thoughts on “Moving Out

  1. Canon Freak Post author

    wasn’t talking bout that, but i’ve seen the city pics too. the istana bandar in august 12 or something? no fair, the A700 has that high dynamic range. the current camera with the high dynamic range feature was the S5 pro?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    The HDR in the A700 is software-based. Istana Bandar was exposed almost like that (the walls were that bright) but I just increased contrast, sharpened and darkened the blues.

  3. Patrick Post author

    Gone from AABC. So long Jurassic Park. So long Fishtank. Goodbye sub-zero conditions. Adios, crazy ghost stories that filled our late nights. But most of all, goodbye "ais krim potong kacang merah". The ways I shocked the crowds with you, I shall dearly miss.

    My personal farewell to the old site. MANY years late 🙂

  4. Patrick Post author

    remember the crazy doors that sometimes wouldn’t open for people? I particularly remember the one Rheece couldn’t open and asked me to help me 😛

    Happy, innocent days. Then again… perhaps not so innocent ^_^

    Damn I miss ice cream potong. That definitely prepared me for my life in Australia… hehehehe ^_^

    BTW, I’ll be down in KL on the 27th December till the 3rd of Jan. Am looking forward to reuniting the gang again. I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a yearly thing huh?


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