Feeling Lucky, Punk?

One night, Tarquin, CK and I went to a shady place in a not-so-shady area.

We played the ever futile game of billiards.

(Tarquin shot this; I cropped it.)

So yes, please guess what camera and film/sensor these shots were taken with!

If you guessed the 5-frames-per-second Sony Alpha 700, you were exactly right. Yes, that’s not a video; it’s a burst of shots shot at 5fps, but the GIF animation does not delay the frames correctly.

The earlier shots show the A700’s amazing black-and-white tonality at ISO3200. I did not have to dodge or burn any of the shots! They turned out better than I could convert a color file to black-and-white.

This GIF animation however is set properly, with a delay of 1/5s between frames.

8 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky, Punk?

  1. Matthew Post author

    No CF, what a pity.

    Why does the last animated GIF look like the fellow’s strafing to the side, ‘kangkang’ style?

    You get me don’t you? Haha.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    george: Thanks! Effect not intended; they just look like that heh.

    Matthew: What are you talking about? I am using my old Compact Flash card on my Sony A700. It has a slot for CF and another slot for Memory Stick yo!

    Yes, he is jumping to the side.

  3. CL TAN Post author

    B&W …nvr seen u post such pix for some time =) sorry i haven’t been visiting ur blog for some time *^_^*


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