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This is a very delayed meme from Cheesie.

Post up 8 pictures of your different hairstyles (the crazier the better).

Up to most of 2004 – short and easy hair.

June 2005 – I thought twirling my hair and backcombing it would give me fake dreadlocks.

September 2005 – past the mouth, where long hair finally pays off because it no longer annoys your face when the wind blows.

March 2006 – guitar capos for hair bands!

June 2006 – the octopus.

September 2006 – the Phil Anselmo shampoo model.

October 2006 – the thing.

November 2006 – the royal peacock is reborn!

July 2007 – the headbanger.

And finally, the bonus – October 2007, the hair that reaches until the navel. I tried to make my abs not visible to avoid this looking like some Men-looking-for-men site.

It has been over three years, since October 11th 2004, that I have not had a pair of scissors cut my hair. (Exceptions being razors to equalize my sideburns and beard.)

Those of you who counted will notice 10 pictures. This is the sacrifice I had to make to grant all of you a pardon from being tagged in the meme!

6 thoughts on “Hair Male

  1. KJ Post author

    Alberto Carlos much better.. =P
    hehehe the evolution of Alberto..
    the last picture looks quite obscene.. no sign of clothes.. ew.. =P hahaha


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