Blue Summer, Part 3

Apologies for the wait, so here’s Part 3 of the Sloggi Blue Summer Party! Click for Part 1 and Part 2. Now for the Sloggi Beach Babe contest! There was both a swimwear competition and talent competition, but I’ve ordered the pictures in contestant order.

I am not sure if this is Contestant 01 – Mellisa.

Synchronized dance!

Contestant 02 – Crystal.

Dancing is their common talent.

Contestant 03 – Sukkie.

The dancer probably wishes he didn’t put the chair there.

Contestant 04 – Alison.

That is one heck of a lucky chair.

She danced to Pussycat Dolls – Buttons. Really hot dancing!

Contestant 05 – Christie.

She magically teleports her bikini out from under her dress! That is a skill I’d like to learn.

Contestant 06 – Ru Yi.

Who does a Ruu – an a-boo-ken!

Contestant 07 – Aliana.

She does flower arranging.

One of the judges were Amber Chia.

Contestant 08 – Eve. She dances with balls.

I am not sure if this is Contestant 09 – Angie. The sequence was screwed and she didn’t wear a number, and was just before Contestant 02’s talent performance.

Contestant 10 – Sin Yee.

She does yoga!

Bystander 01 – “I can do better than that. C’mon!

Who was the winner?

Definitely this alluring dancer.

7 thoughts on “Blue Summer, Part 3

  1. Lan Skodeng Post author

    Thank you again for posting those sexy pics and endorsing those types of arousing activities..

    Our immigrant and local members (some of whom happens to live, work or lepak near the vicinities where our daughters, sisters, nieces, girlfriends and other female relatives and acquaintances also happens to live work or lepak) appreciates them very much. Something extra to occupy our fantasies at night or when when we’re hanging our with our mob of posses in the parking lot where someone’s sisters park their cars.

    Thank you again for being part of the solution to the problem of not enough aroused sexy women in the public and in the mass media to arouse and tittilate our members(mat rempits, recently released ex-convicts, mat gians, lonely illegal immigrants etc.)

    Lan Skodeng
    Entertainment Committee
    National Association of Immigrant and Local Men of Malaysia.

  2. Lan Skodeng Post author

    Dear members of NAILMEN.

    We are willing to indulge in your needs and fantasies. Hopefully there will be more of you guys (immigrant & local men) out there who are aroused in our neighborhoods and out in the streets amongst us.

    Hopefully by by dressing more sexier, in will increase the self esteem of some of our members and gives them more sense of self worth and purpose (which is to directly and indirectly tittilate men)


  3. Waifon Post author

    err why are they back again thank you for appreciating; a woman’s body is godsent we know thank you. First girl is Sandra and she was a dancer on that day. Her friend Crystal was in the competition. mmm yums. i like this batch of pictures 😀

  4. Balan the Driver Post author

    You say alluring, we say air-liuring.

    Balan the Driver
    Association White Van Driver
    National Association of Immigrant and Local Men of Malaysia.

  5. Albert Ng Post author

    Lan Skodeng: Thank you for appreciating my efforts. I myself skodeng often when I can.

    Bibiana: I know what will give you a sense of self-worth. I’ll ask for your number and picture. What’s your number?

    Balan: Always glad to help keep white van drivers awake.

    Silencers: Nay, they’re the most fun commenters I’ve had.

    Waifon: Why you know all the chicks wan should’ve brought you then can intro intro all!


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