Alexis Jam Sessions 2015 with The Bassment Syndicate

3rd August 2015: Alexis Jam Sessions 2015 with The Bassment Syndicate, at Alexis Telawi, Bangsar.

This was my first time to this Alexis outlet.

The night started with Bassment Syndicate. Here’s Omar!

Idris, formerly known as Fook, also known as Koh Keng Hui, also formerly the deputy prime minister’s son-in-law.


Trombone, and a lot of nu-soul-funk-jazz. All good music.

I rarely have to use ISO102400 on my Sony Alpha 7S, but Alexis was just dark enough.

Hiran on keys.

Then came the jam session part – where anybody could sign up and jam with them on stage! This is Sam.



Kamil. Interesting how the four jammers we saw all played different instruments! Didn’t stay on though, as we were seated under a very cold air-conditioning unit and getting a headache.

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