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Rewind to 26th October to 28th October 2007, when I was in Singapore for the Megadeth and Heaven And Hell concerts.

But first, a stop by a rest stop somewhere between Bangsar and Singapore. I took the First Coach with Tarquin, a nice quick 4-hour ride.

The MRT. I did not set foot in a single taxi the entire time.

A cigarette! *gasp* Litter! *gasp*

We bunked at the Summer Tavern Hostel, Carpenter Street, off Clarke Quay. Comfy beds for relatively cheap considering how near it was to everything relevant to us – Fort Canning (where the concert was at), Clarke Quay (where the party was at), Peninsula Plaza (where the camera geeking was at) and Chinatown (where more geeking was at.)

Yes, there were white chicks bunking in too. I mean, real white chicks. Here in Malaysia you get white Caucasian females but I wouldn’t call them all hot.

On the way out of the hostel.

Suspicious man on roof?

KFC married Pizza Hut and Taco Bell… but as I tried my first taco, I found that KFC’s gimmicks were disappointing no matter the country.

A double-neck (not exactly) Ibanez Gibson SG copy! I’d always wanted one of these, a bass and guitar, and in the Gibson SG shape!

The last time I came they only had one of these Doraemon guitars.

A Canon 600mm F4.0 L FD mount lens.

Mamiya RB medium format cameras!

A Canon 35-350mm F3.5-5.6L USM. What an oddity. (There’s also a regular Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM and Canon 400mm F2.8L IS USM.)

How rare – a Konica Minolta Dynax 7D advertisement! Minolta, then KM, wasn’t particularly known for strong marketing.

Rocket-propelled buses! Man, we are so behind.

Need a boost?

I cannot help but snicker, knowing Malay.

Singaporeans really, really have this particular look on their faces, regardless of race, and it can be identified by this photo. There is just this certain look in their eyes. Upon realizing this, it kinda dampened my lookout for Singaporean chicks.

I kid you not.

I then realized which of my friends looked Singaporean. Heh.

And so, I was glad to come home to see Malaysian chicks, with a greater amount of variety.

6 thoughts on “More From Singapore

  1. Dr. Tan Post author

    Did you notice the lady helping the old lady down the escalator poster?

    The old lady looked stoned.

    Hougang reminded me of <i>hong gan</i> which means "fuck off" in Hokkien.

  2. Nicholas.C Post author

    Thats coz for halal certification the recipe had to be watered down.

    I remember when i first had Taco Bell, it was in the US and it was pretty good… then I remember having it in SG after that and was sorely disappointed that it was but an empty shell of it’s elder sibling…

    It’s kinda like how the Burger King Whopper here contains no bacon, the A&W Mozza burger has turkey bacon and Ikea meatballs are 100% beef instead of the original half and half of beef and pork.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Awww man! I heard that Singapore recently became halal… and I didn’t know this when I was there, blissfully grabbing whatever was stated with bacon in it.


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