Reharmnation @ Drum Asia

14th August 2015: Reharmnation @ Drum Asia. Here’s opening act, Silent Angel!

These guys are speed metal. Been a while since I’ve seen proper, indulgent shredding!

Here they are, doing Angel Rising.

Old buddy Regina Neoh!

Who would ever know that this Young KL Singer and choir teacher would end up singing metal?

So much sweeping, I was swept off my feet.

Very cool T-shirt. Black Sabbath did, after all, invent metal.

All this, at Drum Asia, a place I’d just discovered, on the other end of the same block where Groove Junction in Desa Sri Hartamas used to be. It was also on the same road as the legendary Jamasia.

By day, it is also a music shop and jam studio.

I overheard some elderly gentleman explain to a young couple, that this originally was a law firm, but he decided to give the top floor to his son to make this. His law firm is still below it. He regretted not hanging out and being close with his son when he was growing up, so this was his way of making up to it, while being just one staircase away from him!

The band, Reharmnation!

Fronted by Edya Enessa, who was *this* tall when Regina taught her. She was the first batch of the choir!

Low light, not a problem with the Sony Alpha 7S and the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro Edition.

Proud teacher.

Their originals were more balladic.

Lighting was pretty sweet!

I’d first seen Edya when she was doing backup vocals for a friend, in a recording studio.

It was her and her best friend, Tasha Aleia, both harmonizing. They’d also harmonize in their own duo, Tashness.

I soon discovered the flare from the oscillating spotlights worked with my lens in particular.

The banding is from using Silent Shutter, which utilizes a completely eletronic shutter which is not global. Thus the flicker of the lights shows as the sensor reads out the data.

Tasha is invited on stage!

They combine their voices in harmony. Edya was to further her studies overseas in music. It was announced that when she was abroad, Tasha would take over the vocal duties.

A whole stash of CDs!

Autographin’ time.

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