Monthly Archives: October 2003

Original Original

What’s ironic?

People shortening certain words, like original to become ori. Sure, it may sound cool, but it beats the purpose. Original spelt ori? If you told me that this certain copy of software was ori I’d think it wasn’t. Simply because ori is not the original spelling of the word “original“. Like a pirate calling his software original would say ori because it’s market slang.

Of course, ori is an original way of saying original but is not the original spelling of the word “original“.

In other words, ori may be creative for lazybums who can’t pronounce it, but original is the original, proper, authentic way of spelling original.

So go forth and say it after me. Original. Yep. It adds class. Like Ice Lemon Tea and Iced Lemon Tea. The D at the end of Ice adds to the price and classiness of the drink.