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I Shall Find Out

I have a Macromedia Director Shockwave 8 project to do, and I haven’t started. I was supposed, according to a timetable, to hand in the full documentation by the 16th of July, 2003 (two days ago).

Class was from 1100-1300 hours. Oh boy. I skipped it to stay home, trying to figure out what to do. I then called a collegemate at 1300 hours to ask what happened. He said that the lecturer told the class how to do the documentation!

Ironic… there I was, not knowing how to do it (the few collegemates I know have cranky mobile phones). Now, I missed my opportunity to find out.

Ah well, I shall find out from my collegemates today, when I go to college for the bothersome Friday evening/night progress test. Wish me good luck and that the consequences be in my favor!

It shall be a test of whether I’m still capable of Winging It.

Privacy And Paranoia

Privacy. What does it mean to you online?

To me, it’s just about not getting spam. However, I’m so used to ticking delete boxes that it doesn’t matter anymore.

To others, it may be about how your information may be sold and misused. I say to that, stop being paranoid!

Sure, the FBI has your house address, but you don’t see it in green nightvision on CNN…

If I know your full name, what can I do with it anyway?

Found Nemo

Here’s a Tuesday evening story.

I dropped by Midvalley Megamall to return Dide‘s heavy school yearbook. I then wandered around, aimlessly, following the flow of the crowd, while washing my eyes.

I contacted the usual Midvalley suspects, but alas – everybody was doing something useful, like studying. I could’ve hopped over to KLCC to meet KLCC suspect Shaz, but I was lazy. It was Jasmine who suggested I go watch a movie. I then went up to the cinema, and luck struck. There was no queue! I got myself a ticket to Finding Nemo at 8:50 PM.

I looked at the map; they had a place on the second row, near the screen, for ostriches. I asked for another spot on the third row, nearer to the center. I wondered why she didn’t just give me the better seat, C08

I then bumped into an old schoolmate, Bernard (affectionately remembered as the Gay Jedi), who was co-webmaster for our site, CertifiedManiacs at VirtualAvenue. Whatever happened to that I don’t know. He, too, was finally watching the movie.

I went in and walked down the aisle. Eh? K? L? M? N?

I walked up and found the C row near the top! It turns out that I read the map upside down!

Good, yes? Not necessarily. It was a balcony seat, and the corner railing was a shiny distraction unless I sat up. I should’ve picked the recommended seat.

How was the show? Enjoyably touchingly funny. I now understand what they mean when they mimic “mine. mine. mine.” or when they speak whale.

Oh yes, I felt somehow connected to the shark. Perhaps it was his smile… I smile like that sometimes, on purpose. Some have said I looked like the shark, even!

I still eat fish.

Song Righter

* No idea what tune it will have, wrote this outta boredom. Some parts may be shout-rapped.

What, is your band gonna do covers?
Have you no creative juices?
Have you no mind-bending powers?
Does your song lack needed spices?

Then call me!
The songwriter
Just call me
The love faker

I shall write your chorus and your verse
Chorus! Verse! Whichever goes first
Girls will drool and thirst
You’ll enter the chart at first

Max Martin? Aging Swedes
Diane Warren gives me nosebleeds
Babyface croons to fourth base
All this sickens my lovely taste

I’m facing competition
From you mister, self-proclaimed songwriter!
I’m not getting commission
Well big deal loser, my sh** is tighter


My exasperation goes out to those people on Friendster who put pictures of celebrities as them. Don’t you guys get the idea?

Like duh, we know it’s not you, we know it’s Britney Spears.

I don’t mind them hiding behind a screen name (say The One) but having a picture of Neo doesn’t cut it. The idea of Friendster, I thought, was to find your old friends through spiderwebs of connections! How am I supposed to recognize an old schoolmate if they have a obsession with The Matrix?

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Fade To Black!

Out of more boredom, I made a ringtone from an interesting arpeggiated riff from Metallica – Fade To Black. I didn’t bother with proper timing though. 🙁

Tempo to fit in message ringtone: 160 bpm, though it really is a lot slower.

32a1 32e2 32a2 16b2 16c3 8a2 8e2 8e3 16g2
8a2 8c3 32c2 32e2 32g2 16c3 32- 8c3 8e2 8e3
16g2 8a2 8b2 32- 32g1 32b1 32d2 32g2 32d3
16g3 16d3 8g2 8g3 16g2 16a2 16g2 32- 32e1
32b1 16e2 32- 32g2 16b2 32a2 16c3 32#a2
16#c3 16b2 8d3

Yes, it is not pleasing to Dide‘s ears but heck. I like it, and I will let it ring to irritate everybody. 🙂

Forsee I Was Born

Rushing in your blood
Mushing in your brain
Burning like acid rain

The Nile
Could never smell so vile
Despite all the mud
The gold shows through the crud

My self-diagnosis
Shows a thrombosis
An isotonic osmosis
Is this new genesis

My tracks are full of iron
My boots are lead
Reliable, if I’m not mistaken
But worn by the dead

It’s all conjured
No one was injured
Just leave me assured
Not mentally pressured

If there is not one answer
Don’t bother with the question
If there is not one flower
Don’t bother with the garden