Found Nemo

Here’s a Tuesday evening story.

I dropped by Midvalley Megamall to return Dide‘s heavy school yearbook. I then wandered around, aimlessly, following the flow of the crowd, while washing my eyes.

I contacted the usual Midvalley suspects, but alas – everybody was doing something useful, like studying. I could’ve hopped over to KLCC to meet KLCC suspect Shaz, but I was lazy. It was Jasmine who suggested I go watch a movie. I then went up to the cinema, and luck struck. There was no queue! I got myself a ticket to Finding Nemo at 8:50 PM.

I looked at the map; they had a place on the second row, near the screen, for ostriches. I asked for another spot on the third row, nearer to the center. I wondered why she didn’t just give me the better seat, C08

I then bumped into an old schoolmate, Bernard (affectionately remembered as the Gay Jedi), who was co-webmaster for our site, CertifiedManiacs at VirtualAvenue. Whatever happened to that I don’t know. He, too, was finally watching the movie.

I went in and walked down the aisle. Eh? K? L? M? N?

I walked up and found the C row near the top! It turns out that I read the map upside down!

Good, yes? Not necessarily. It was a balcony seat, and the corner railing was a shiny distraction unless I sat up. I should’ve picked the recommended seat.

How was the show? Enjoyably touchingly funny. I now understand what they mean when they mimic “mine. mine. mine.” or when they speak whale.

Oh yes, I felt somehow connected to the shark. Perhaps it was his smile… I smile like that sometimes, on purpose. Some have said I looked like the shark, even!

I still eat fish.

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  1. PY Post author

    Yup! Damn funny movie, you shark…loved the whale language, the surfer dude accent (turtle) and especially the `mine! mine! mine!’….but u slow la. now only watch…


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