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Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Crinkle Cut & Calico / June 2014 Edition

QG, made of Raja Farouque and Grace!

They did instrumentals, first one for me.

The Bee, Jaya One, the name of this place.

Don’t Stop Me Now, I Dreamed A Dream, sang Jee.

Hameer, emcee, Feedback, June Edition.

The Groovy Sauce Project, next to be on.

The rest of the band, seated position.

Two guitars, two capos, and one cajon.

The date was 10th June 2014.

The Four Leaf Clover had a tin whistle.

Jonathan Khor here, was on violin.

Gaelic The Beatles – Blackbird, magical!

It’s leg day today so lift your cajons!

Oooh, a shiny pickup! It’s chrome, not bronze.

Ashley Chan, with Melvin Goh on the keys.

The theme was The Musicals, so here’s Fazz.

Cabaret vaudeville, dance if you please!

Kevin Vong leaps around with much pizzazz.

Jonathan Khor adds some strings to the mix.

Meanwhile, outside, six years unseen, was Bo.

Yvonne Chong, salesperson, shows us some tricks.

Then it was time for her band, Calico.

Faz’s new Stratocaster is handsome.

They were the first featured act of the night.

Kimbra – Settle Down with looper, awesome!

Crinkle Cut with Frances’ vocal might!

Here’s Melissa “bokeh” Wong on guitar.

For more of the band, a shot from afar.

You would get in trouble in school for this.

Frances and her vocal effects pedal.

Grace Foo is on keyboard and harmonies.

Guitar Hero-colored nails on this girl.

Pink Punk Chop is a catchy, unique name.

Spot my theme, iambic pentameters?

Hofner! Not all basses are made the same.

Bo Amir, who I had not seen in years.

Joined by Collin, very much comedic!

Cracked us up, silly Cantonese banter.

Sat Arvo with Fariz on electric!

By midnight his wife turned a year older.

Beatrice doing La Vie en rose.

Ashley, the winner of tickets, says yay!

Housemate Sonnet

This is my home, hello! Here’s where I sit
You gave the landlord your fun, chirpy greet
You came by, you moved in and you were sweet
Saw your cute artwork, I thought it was neat
Living with you, I never had a doubt
You would do me favors without a pout
Had we a conflict, we could work it out
With you I just never needed to shout
Leaving on a plane I packed you along
We would spend days basking in rays of sun
You’re perfect company to sing a song
But you shifted out and looked for fresh fun
I could care less if we make housemates foam
So dear baby, let’s make this house a home

Man, I haven’t written sonnets in a long time! Well, only when the inspiration comes.

St. Jones Infirmary Dues

I was cruising down the road
and this racecar driver zoomed by
Into the horizon they rode
So I said, “Imma gonna get myself some racing stripes!”

I watched some DVDs from last year
And it got me thinking loudly
Was there something wrong, dear?
With the person who lent them to me


Congratulations, hey!
Just when I expected this cabbage to grow grey
It was green just like everyone else’s
Hydroponic but sprayed with peppers

You are bland, you are damned
You are packaged, you are in demand
You still taste like your flavoring
You only taste like your flavoring

Grow and blossom, you say you did
But you’re still tasteless, you came from the same seed
You’d be better chewed up, you aid shit
Better laying as soil on a back street

Death Metal

Master of the slave
Was the name he gave
You’re magnetic and full of potential
But you’ve spun dizzily into your grave

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

A dozen a dime
A dozen years time
It doesn’t seem right
It doesn’t see the light

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

It wasn’t enough that I tried to get you back
You played dead and I needed a hack
So I searched around for the cure but you were still black
And now everything is blank, what a wreck!

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

Hmmm. I can’t write poems like I did back in college.

Look ma, no jumpers! (Yes, these pictures are so very much related.)

So old-school, the jumpers are on the underside of the hard disk!

Anyway, in summary, I plugged this 127MB Quantum ProDrive ELS into my left-side computer and couldn’t get it to detect. I plugged in the other three hard disks, (a Quantum Corona 4.3GB, Quantum Fireball 5.1GB, Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40GB) with it detecting one of them only once. Moved jumpers about, and from then on, the display did not show, and the speaker did not beep. Moved RAM position. I dug up my Radeon DVI adapter to try the other display to no avail. I even dug up my 3dfx Voodoo3 PCI!

I haven’t been this frustrated, and yet I am feeling strangely fine.

Aisle Dance

I pulled her in and twirled her out
Her sleek legs danced imaginary rainbows
Gracing the floor as if to sing
Pirouette! Pirouette! Will you do the tango?

Thus was the dance with a one-handled kids’ shopping cart at IKEA

Enough personification, Carte and me spun about
In the rejects department we danced close
To the gentle beat of the Michael Buble swing
When the lady of my life said, “let’s go!”

Thus ended my trance with a one-handled kids’ shopping cart. Please Mama!

Ferrous Station

Anger! Damnation. Self-preservation.
Fear of tiny spaces.
Sweat glands break loose.
Take off your shirt. Dammit.
The only barriers are people like you. Coming in like waves.

PUSH SHOVE GRAB PULL KICK PUNCH JUMP. Super combo move of the century.

Goodbye Yellow Sky

Selamat tinggal Bungaku
Ku doakan kau bahagia
Jumpa kita di neraka

So wrote a muse in a tunnel in Midvalley Megamall. A wise, profound, and yet disturbing poem. Translated loosely, it says:

Goodbye, my flower
I wish on you happiness
Meet us up in hell

Yes, I even turned it into haiku format. 😀 At first glance, it sounds like a girl did him wrong. (Would a girl call a guy her flower, and if so, would she write it on a white wall with a ballpoint pen?) He however still thinks fondly of her, and wishes her the best with her new love. The twist is in “meet us“; us is probably him and whoever he fooled around with.

Oh and I finally watched The Island. Why did he have to die? He wasn’t a typical evil. But then agnates die so I guess it was fair in a way. Yes I hope I’m not spoiling it for you. I may just have faith in Michael Bay to direct the new Transformers live action movie.

Oh check out what the haze brought in:

The Hungry Ghost Festival, also one of the freakiest full moons ever. This picture, and the next, were color-adjusted.

Earlier that day, this was what I saw walking out of ASTRO…

All pictures were merely sharpened and resized; no color adjustment was done except on the third and fourth picture.

Goodbye Red Sky

I was on the LRT to Bangsar when I saw this:

Goodbye, red sky. The end of the world is near.
Into tripods we fly. Black void of death we fear.
We satisfy the thirst like our blood was beer.
But you choke and you die and we live to cheer.

This effect was done with Vivid color settings, +2 EV, and ISO 400 sensitivity. There was no color or brightness adjustment; only resize and sharpen! Interestingly, the pillars look like they were negative; this is because of the moss on top that made it look inverted.

There… um blues

Originally written back in March 2005. I felt like blogging some filler.

I woke up this morning with a bad bad cold
I woke up this morning and boy was I feeling old
I woke up this morning or so I was told

I carried a shotgun to blow off his pale face skin
It took more than his skin, it blew his skull within
Forgive me oh please pa, I didn’t wanna sin

I’d been more than keen to have seen what you’ve seen in him
Obscene he’s not clean, the sheen on his spleen was dim

I should’ve just slapped him, for telling a lie
I should’ve just slapped him, for saying no in reply
I should’ve just slapped him, for it’s a big mess when you die