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Compliance – Not Bad!

Warning: Extremely website developer technical talk ahead.

Click here to skip the jargon.

For all the fun, and all the curiosity, I’ve installed Netscape Navigator 6.2.2, Opera 5.12 and K-Meleon 0.6 (a lighter version of Mozilla) just to test whether my site would look right in it.

All the pages looked fine (duuuh, I hand-coded them) but some skins have weird artifacts.

Infinity animates in Internet Explorer 4 onwards and Opera, but doesn’t on the other 2 browsers. I was surprised that Opera pulled off such JavaScript well!

Blue, Under Construction and Classic all work fine in all browsers. Somebody get me a golden star sticker to put on my site!

Green (which is currently the default skin) doesn’t sit in well in the topleft corner of Opera 5.12. (I suppose Opera 6 would have better CSS support.) I could actually get rid of the margin, but it would be against the laws of valid HTML 4.01, and I wouldn’t be able to keep the geeky icon at the bottom of my Green skin. 🙁

Frame only looks correct in Internet Explorer; every other browser puts scrollbars everywhere. Opera won’t even let me get out of the frame; apparently somebody needs to teach them what TARGETs are for. Netscape won’t load pages on top of frames; instead it opens a new window. Only K-Meleon gets with the program on this one.

Mirror looks nice in every browser, but the namesake’s effect shows only in Internet Explorer.

Not bad for compliance, huh? The only really un-user-friendly skin would be Frame, but even then, that can be adjusted with some nifty JavaScript. Heh.

Which browser, you may ask, is most compliant with my website? Internet Explorer, duuuh! However, every other browser has it as a tie – Infinity shows correctly in Opera, but a simple thing like CSS margins in Green is not supported in Opera! Frame looks distorted in every other browser.

On a side note, it’s a pleasant surprise to see Netscape Navigator have link highlighting (you know, those dotted lines around links when you choose them?)

There you go. You’ve passed the geek talk. You are verrry brave. Here, have my golden star sticker. 🙂

Short and Simple

That’s what my hair is.

When I think of it, I count my blessings everyday that I am a guy, and that I can get away with a cheap haircut at the neighborhood barber.

Nothing too fancy. No ‘unisex salon/hairdresser’ crap for me. Just plain old barber. And a plain old haircut.

I wasn’t tired of my hairstyle. I didn’t need a change. I didn’t need layering. My classic Asian black hair wasn’t needing artificial coloring.

I wouldn’t even go all the way to another nearby country to get a haircut. (Though I know some girls do!)

Why did I get a haircut, then?

I sat in front of my computer, with a wall fan blowing at my face. The fan blew the front fringes, which were then long, into my eyes, irritating me when staring at the computer for long periods of time. (Like when I finished Return To Castle Wolfenstein!) Then, I knew, it was time.

I like haircuts. Rather, I like the event that is, getting a haircut. There is an enjoyable, gratifying sensation running through your scalp when the barber’s shaver passes your ears, moving your head. Ooohhh yeah. At times I wished that my hair was longer so the barber would take a longer time just to trim my hair.

The best part of it all was the familiarity. He knew all that had to be done to make it look shorter. Not different. Like I just shrank my hair, not somebody taking an axe to my hair. The barber respected the thin line between changing hairstyles and shortening messy masses of keratin strands (hair!) He knew what I wanted. For it to be short and simple.

As an aftertreat, I get to stroke the spiky stubbles of my hair, where there were close shaves. (And no, I don’t have a near-bald crew cut.)

Flip Me Off

Time for some recreational activity for your tired beady eyes! Work them eyebags away with the latest form of occupational therapy – mirrored blogs!

Click here: Mirror me oh vanity!

Take the challenge – read my blog backwards! Reply with the screen backwards! Don’t cheat by bringing a mirror, will ya?

Important Note: To reverse the effect, click on the mirror on the top with the symbol <-> on either the top or bottom of the page!

* Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later.

Dangit, I am such a showoff. At least I have something to show. 😛


Darkness reigns in my occupational occupation. The lack of people creates a sense of unnecessary ease; a sense of uncalled for belonging to the flaccid pillows that adorn the greatly decorated lounge near the television. Any authority to challenge? No, none other that myself, who has been unanimously given the helm. Sure, there are other beings cohabiting the location of my occupation, but they too share my complacence. A complacence to lead me to this page. A complacence that told me to share the good news with you.

Would you rather I talk like that, full of adjectives, or talk like a nerd?

The amount of ambient light in my workplace was approximately hexadecimally-coded as #666666. Our homosapien coworkers have departed, making us lackadaisal about our responsibilities. A subconscious state is apparent with the pillows lying near the cathode-ray-tube television. Nobody would tell me otherwise; I have been asked to take over for the day. My occupational cohabitants share my lethargic, inert state, which brings me to this log of controversial emotions. My findings, yes, they must be published!

I should screw good English and grammar altogether, yes? Being a Malaysian brings its toll on language!

Today very dark lah… everybody cabut go holiday leave me alone here. I lazy to do anything, turn on light also cannot. See pillow near TV also want to sleep already. Sleep sleeplah – boss not around whattt! Somemore I got power now. They all also damn sien already. That’s whylahhh… I very bored, so I blog lah!

Alright, alright. Back to my regular English:

It was dark today in the office, as most of my colleagues had left on vacation and so those who stayed back were lazy to turn on the lights. We didn’t feel like working, plus the pillows near the lounge were tempting. Screw authority – I was in charge now! Besides, they were tired, too! My boredom brought me here today, to update my unupdated blog. How’s that?

Mucho Updato

I’ve updated!

On the site:
1) My Models page – I love CSS and its float:left property! Look at how the Models page adjusts the images when you resize your browser! Cool eh?

2) My Quotes page – I’ve properly marked the sections and their distinctions. I’ve always categorized them, just without names. Now you know what each one falls under. May you have divine interpretations! 😉

On my PC: (yeeeaaaahhh!!!)
(Warning: Technical words ahead.)
1) My ASUS A7A 266-E motherboard! This is like the only motherboard (besides a questionable Matsonic) that has both Double Data Rate SD RAM and classic SD RAM slots! I’m using my old Kingmax 256 Megabyte 150 Megahertz SD RAM stick until DDR RAM prices go down, and then I’ll upgrade again!

2) My AMD Athlon XP 1800+! It seems to have paired my ailing Voodoo3 2000 PCI pretty well, and I haven’t seen below 30 frames per second in any game I’ve tried so far!

On my life: (er…)

Oh joy. Accounts exams coming. Two people I know are already failing it. Should I?

I’ve also had a few quotes come in a barrage. Seems like it’s enlightenment time. Read my Duh-vana sonnet to become one with the unknowledgable! For all you need to know, you actually don’t!

Quote of this er… post: “Love is not as blind as hate.”

I hope you guys can figure that one out properly. 😛


I have moved! =] Rocket Queen the great has let me sit in her ASP server instead of me having to contend with Brinkster.

Oh, and I’ve changed the default skin to Green! Before this, it was Under Construction. If you thought I was corniness in a 2-minute cup, check out Framed, a cute little weird skin. There are more skins to choose from, so click on Change Skin to give yourself a change!

Finally, I’ve added LJ’s Den, a friend’s website, to my About Me section. He’s the one who pointed me in the direction to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which makes the site’s text look good! 🙂

I’m getting sickeningly hard-selling promotionally talking. Just look at my previous paragraphs. Having to type promotional copy for work does have its effects. 😛 I’ll stop here because I’m sounding too much like a salesman.

Housebreaking Problems

I came back to my old host, Brinkster. Why? Because the new host’s server was cranky about my Microsoft Access MDB (Microsoft Data Base). This was the same problem with my very first host. That would make Brinkster my second host.

Don’t worry about reupdating your bookmarks – both sites redirect to each other, keeping the links, when I ask them to. If one server screws up, I can always activate code to pass you to the other server. The coolest part of this is that it actually remembers what page you were at!

I’ve updated the blog system – the archives work now!

Also, I’ve added pictures to the Models section! No more boring text for you modern high-speed surfers! (Also, a whopper download for those on slow connections… 🙁 )

Yeah, yeah, I know – boring old site updates. What about me?!? (You came here to know how I’m doing, riiight?) I’m fine. I’m alive. I’m typing this at the computer. I guess your concern is not needed now – I’m not self-pitying now. I’m not reiterating how lame I am and how I have no life. No pity required.

Wise Quote: “Whatever’s written in stone can be cut away with diamonds.”

However righteous you may be, you can still be bought over with big enough a reward. Howzat for my wiseness today?

Wise but misinterpreted Quote: “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the mouth is the door.”

It was supposed to mean that you look deep when people look in your eyes, but opening your mouth totally screws up your ‘beautiful soul’ personality. My friend (a female, at that!) interpreted it as ‘French kissing can get you anywhere’. I didn’t get it. If you did, or if you got a different interpretation, please please reply to this post!

Back In Rhyme

I haven’t blogged in here for quite a while
This is because I’d to format my PC
I tried hard to copy one stupid file
Some DLL can’t read from the CD
I’d buy Athlon XP, best of the crop
With it a branded Asus motherboard
With an overclocker fan stuck on top
Plus casing with fans to lift till it soared
Excuse is lame, especially a crime
Haven’t studied my entire semester
Guess what? I have exams in two weeks’ time
And my eyes look like that of a panda’s
Give me another sticker for effort
It’s much harder blogging in a sonnet


(This light-hearted sonnet I wrote has touched the lives of people. Could you be one of them?)

People have sought knowledge and to be wise
Climbing hills for better meditation
Say people are bits in a bowl of rice
Or like drops of water in an ocean
The world’s full of worries, so don’t add yours
Your own troubles are enough for yourself
Noone cares what happens behind closed doors
Noone else needs to think deeply and dwelve
Do not seek eternal enlightenment
Just let it all loose and let it all free
Do not pick at it; do not argument
Leave questions unanswered as they should be
When your head starts to float, you feel lighter
Then you’ld have reached the stage of Duh-vana