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Goodbye Red Sky

I was on the LRT to Bangsar when I saw this:

Goodbye, red sky. The end of the world is near.
Into tripods we fly. Black void of death we fear.
We satisfy the thirst like our blood was beer.
But you choke and you die and we live to cheer.

This effect was done with Vivid color settings, +2 EV, and ISO 400 sensitivity. There was no color or brightness adjustment; only resize and sharpen! Interestingly, the pillars look like they were negative; this is because of the moss on top that made it look inverted.

Maybe Blank

So I can’t register an account without a company letter. How did I get my own ATM card when I was 16, then?

So I’ve gotta register nearest to my company. I don’t have a car or the time to go to Putrajaya. And Putrajaya isn’t that near Bukit Jalil is it?

So I couldn’t hear the guy mumbling behind the glass. Does that warrant a “aiii budak ni” as I took a seat? (Funny how I could hear him then.)

They screw up the bank cheque by misspelling the receiver’s name. (I realized this later.) I wanted to transfer funds into an account (I provided the account number) but she made me a cheque to mail to them. Obviously both of us were confused, and so I asked if they had any service to send it to them. Does that warrant a “isssh budak ni kurang ajar” as I walked away, still within earshot?

The one day I decide to do business with this bank, you have lousy service. Some people don’t go to the bank often. Remember that we aren’t familiar with your procedures.

So I got in a taxi. The guy was filling up a form. He asked where I came from. I told him my story.

And now, the narration is from the old Chinese taxi driver:

FACK THEM LAH! Back in the days before ticket numbers, I was queueing up for over half an hour. The counters were busy chatting away and taking their own sweet time to count their money. So I shouted


So I slept at 11pm Monday, and 11:30pm Tuesday. Accomplishment!

The rest of this is a majorly procrastinated post.

Back in the days of school, I used to sleep a solid 8 hours. Yeah, I was proud of it then. Getting into work and college and online addictivity got me on 6 to 2 hours of sleep. 🙁

Jenifur once wondered why time seemed to pass much faster now.

I attribute it to sleepiness. Back in school everyone was good and sober and came home in the afternoon and went to sleep at 10pm and remembered how to program their VCR to record late night talk shows.

Nowadays we’re complaining and being proud of staying awake for 48 hours, but for what? We’re comparing eyebags and dunking teabags like it was a good thing.

Time goes faster when you’re sleepy.

I can’t even sleep past 10 hours! When I do get enough sleep, I find the day to be slower because everything is more vivid and I’m more aware of the time slowly creeping. Waiting for/in public transport is a chore only when you’re wide awake. Smelly people and pervy oppurtunists only bother you when you’re wide awake. Don’t worry about missing your stop; routine will make your body clock instinctively wake you up one stop before.

I have a digital watch that has a countdown timer and a stopwatch so I will be awakened when I reach the bus stop. So what if you old fogeys think analogue watches are more classy, I value practicality and punctuality. Or I’m too sleepy to care.

I am now wide awake, and I can tell you this: Heightened consciousness is a real bother.

Why, It’s A Beautiful Ring…tone

I received a ringtone last night, at 9pm. I accidentally pressed the right soft key of my Nokia 3350 and it was gone! I frantically searched my Tones menu for a way to retrieve it, and at least thank whoever it is who sent it for the ringtone. Unfortunately it was nowhere to be found.

I went to sleep wondering who this mystery ringtone sender was. Was she my secret admirer?

I woke up the next morning, and I received another ringtone. It was titled “Beautiful“. I saved it, but there was no way to know who my secret admirer was!

Ah well, some of you with good old Nokias might be able to reconstruct it and find out what song this is:

Tempo: 180 bpm

32d2 16.e3 8d1 32d2 16.- 8c3 32d2 16.- 8g1
32g1 8- 32d2 16.- 32g1 16.e2 8g1 32g1 16.a2
8g1 32g1 8- 32d2 16.- 32g1 8- 32d2 8- 32g1
16.g2 8e3 32d2 16.d3 8c1 32c2 16.g1 32g1 8-
32d2 16.- 32g1 16.e2 8g1 32g1 16.a2 8g1 32g1
8- 32c2 16.- 32g1

Yes, it’s monophonic. None of that fancy polyphonic stuff.

One Third Awake

I slept at what was technically 5am Sunday. I woke up at 3pm for lunch, then went back to sleep. I woke up at 6am Monday. That makes 18 hours.

People can be so proud of staying awake for 72 hours, but whatever for? It’s even harder to stay asleep that long. My phone beeped at 10pm. I woke up and struggled to get back to sleep on the 10th hour.

There… um blues

Originally written back in March 2005. I felt like blogging some filler.

I woke up this morning with a bad bad cold
I woke up this morning and boy was I feeling old
I woke up this morning or so I was told

I carried a shotgun to blow off his pale face skin
It took more than his skin, it blew his skull within
Forgive me oh please pa, I didn’t wanna sin

I’d been more than keen to have seen what you’ve seen in him
Obscene he’s not clean, the sheen on his spleen was dim

I should’ve just slapped him, for telling a lie
I should’ve just slapped him, for saying no in reply
I should’ve just slapped him, for it’s a big mess when you die

Botak Chin

I bumped into an old friend in a shopping mall, and this transpired a week later. His messages are in bold.

Been wanting to tell you this for almost a week
Hola to you too…

So yes what do you wanna tell me?
Remember my ex-housemates who were with me at 1U the other day?
Well, if it’s any compliments, they think you’re cute
BUT… with a queer for a straight guy moment…
They recommended that you should shave off the goatie
And I quote them “it makes him look weird”

How weird?
Are they your roomies from THAT SS2 house?
Hahaah… bingo
I dunno how weird, you go ask them yourself la..

I DO intend to actually, I think it’s long enough to have proven its point, and I’ve probably impressed enough people as the “chinaman who can grow a beard”
What do YOU think?
Beard or no beard?
All I can say is…
I do agree with them
(sorry, bro)

See, I wanna be attractive to girls not gays
It kinda makes you look like you’re nowhere in between
Trust me
If gays dun like it

Nowhere in between? In between what two extremes?

He didn’t reply, so I went for lunch, and when I came back he was gone.

Oooh Friday night was fun, I bumped into old old friends all over Hartamas! So then, the verdict was made. Everybody saw the beard. It was time to go. Sorry Suanie!

Left: Botak Chin. Right: Chinaman can grow beard you know.

Botak is Malay for bald, by the way.

On Saturday morning, nobody noticed! It seems that people notice that there was a beard, but nobody noticed that it was gone.

Ah well, there won’t be any more Chinese chicks asking me for directions in Malay. 🙁

Edit: Ooh! Till the last day, my beard continued growing to my right. Weird. I thought it would eventually be heavy enough and let gravity pull it down.