I’ve been ranting too much and not making much sense. If pictures say a thousand words, I leave you with 20

7 thoughts on “Jullery

  1. Will Post author

    Wei, that’s not an iguana la. It’s a giant lizard of sort, but definately not an iguana.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Will: Righto, giant lizard it is.

    Dave: I know! Haha.

    expectation: Are you able to download the file?

    Silencers: I put my nose into it. Oh and Photoshop CS2 has a motion blur removal feature which I used for the right-side pool table picture. Though it’s not technically long exposure, it’s more like setting every setting so the shutter speed is slower.

  3. ayunami Post author

    haiya albert. i really thought u were being a pervert. so i translated the pictures in words like this:

    1st pic: the machine depicts raging hormones. in this case, presumably testerone.

    2nd pic: u quickly run to the toilet for some ‘privacy’.

    3rd pic: shoot very fast. need i explain?

    4th pic: shooting becoming slower. need i explain?

    5th pic: this pic should have been the second one in the order.

    6th pic: should have been the first pic..

    7th pic: should have been the one after the 2nd snooker balls pics.

    8th pic: should have been the one after the handshaking between the girl and the guy.

    geddit? now be a good boy and try rearranging the pics like how u did with ur name. selamat mencuba!


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