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Tweetyear 2011

Here’s nearly a year’s worth of Twitter posts, that do not include Tweets just notifying of a blog entry. The reason why I don’t like Twitter or any external content-storing site other than my blog is because there is always that risk that the content you have on whichever site will become inaccessible someday.

On to the bandwidth barrage!

@lynfunkstar so it was like “I’m on a BLEAARUHHHGRH!”
27 Jun

@tenoq but then the road didn’t move under me!
27 Jun

@randomleech @mrkenhong reinstalled Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and had a blast! I spent too many hours in the Jazz Creation Station making maps. 😀
27 Jun

I’m so 1337 I reinstated a shirt button with a staple.
26 Jun

color coordination at a Chinese coffee shop! Kudos to the details.

25 Jun

@AbgSyuk @onggon dunno man ask Azam? I have no wireless radio triggers because I prefer to use Sony’s optical wireless flash system. 😀
23 Jun

Quake turned 15 years old. But I remember another youthful pastime – Jazz Jackrabbit!
23 Jun

@soya_cincau @benjern guess what we can now buy paid apps from Android Market on WiFi-only tablets or phones without SIM cards!
23 Jun

@dianalian who the chick in the video yo?
20 Jun

FFFFFUUUUUUUU RT @craziqbal #awakcomeltapi awak couple ngan pengkid..
20 Jun

This morning I saw a chicken cross the road. It probably asked why, too, and regretted it, as it scampered back.
20 Jun

@liyanafizi eh! Craft Bakers is just a few floors down from where I work! Just had their pastries for breakfast.
17 Jun

Home Screen turn on! (No it’s not a Google TV…) @amirazrael @mrkenhong @smashpop @chapree

12 Jun

@benjern Volume Up as shutter is cool but it makes my pictures dark!

10 Jun

Okay I have to admit the Volume Up as shutter is handy but my picture is dark! @yauhui

7 Jun

iPrefix iS iMportant iN iGniting iNtense iNfatuation
7 Jun

RT @alkarim go Google Apps- cross platform service that will work with businesses that give employees choice OR go Apple and isolate people #greatwork
7 Jun

RT @howtogeek: Only Apple could have an entire keynote where they talk about copying features from Android.
7 Jun

5 of the 11 iOS devices won’t get iOS 5.
7 Jun

@L0rDKadaj no just checking Engadget. @chapree for Android there’s Thumb Keyboard 4.0!
7 Jun

I believe the option to Clear All notifications on iOS 5 is by shaking the phone. C’mon try it! If it doesn’t work, shake harder!
7 Jun

RT @chapree Hello Apple users, welcome to the world of non-intrusive notifications enjoyed by Android users for far too long. #wwdc
7 Jun

Sorry geeks, but 22 minutes into E3 and WWDC keynotes, and JUSTIN BIEBER STILL WINS ALL.
7 Jun

RT @ackPrash Theres an Apple event today, get ready to rediscover all the new technology of the past 2 years being rehashed as new and magical
7 Jun

@sarchan OHC lah.
6 Jun

@amirazrael @mrkenhong like a trollercoaster waiting on top of a hill!
6 Jun

Can’t wait to be trolling and rolling. It would be bad form to do so based on rumors, so I gotta wait. 🙁 @amirazrael @mrkenhong
6 Jun

@tenoq @linkinstreet finally get it after reading past tweets. Proceed at heavily discounted price. Europe is notorious for pickpockets!
6 Jun

@ShaolinTiger indeed! The place is langouriously and deceptively big.
6 Jun

@lslex until now not announced though Gil Scott Heron was HIV-positive.
6 Jun

@tenoq @linkinstreet also the later models mentioned all have infrared and wired remote support. The A500 and A550 don’t shoot video though.
4 Jun

@tenoq @linkinstreet the A350 has 2.5fps instead of the A200 at 3fps and is noisier with a smaller OVF. Better for LV: A33

KLPAC Open, Dei!

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center Open Day, 23rd January 2011! Here’s a reading.

Switch On, an art installation outside, not quite impervious to rain, though…

KLPAC is right next to the beautiful Sentul Park.

And out of the park after the rain comes the The Gentle Snail!

Noel and his Polaroid…

…and his bright-lensed rangefinder.

A very cheery Afdeza of Poet Stories.

Peter Tan (and Wuan) spotted from afar!

Yup, there is no shaded parking anywhere in Sentul Park.

The day was far more camera-pr0n-ful.

Improv Comedy by AI:IA.

Back outside, the bubble-blowing machine was one of many devices that made sounds, that Switch On was connected to.

One could flip many switches to form a symphony of cacophony…

…which included printers, scanners, alarms, hair dryers…

…and a whole load of electronics.

I was too far away to hear the punchline.

I kept the flyer for the event, but I can’t figure out what performance this was.

Hmmm I have an idea!

Outside, a well-weathered building.

I then headed to Pavilion, since the open day was over before sunset.

Found a new food court at Berjaya Times Square. Why yes, I do like the Taste Of Asia!