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Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Dzamira Dzafri & Gabriel Lynch / January 2016 Edition

12th January 2016: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Dzamira Dzafri & Gabriel Lynch / January 2016 Edition. Here’s Fariz Salleh!

Beats & String.

The Red Panda.

Emim, I think.


Amrita Soon.

Megat (with Isaac on guitar).

First featured act, Dzamira Dzafri.

The Message.

Second featured act, Gabriel Lynch.

Zi Yin?

Ray & Sam.

Ben & Andrea.

Andrea is cute as a button with cute voice to match – but man, what harmonizing! They did a cover of Karen O & Ezra Koenig – The Moon Song.

The Scott Weiland Tribute Show @ BullsEye KL

9th January 2016: The Scott Weiland Tribute Show @ BullsEye KL.

First up: Djezna’s Stalker.

Jug pimps their album hilariously. He also does stand-up comedy!

They did covers of Velvet Revolver’s She Builds Quick Machines and Come On Come In.

Next up…

Revolution Kingdom.

They covered Pearl Jam – Alive. Wait, what? Well it was always said early on that Stone Temple Pilots sounded like a Pearl Jam ripoff. It was coincidental though, having come from the same vocal inspiration – Jim Morrison of The Doors.

Fortunately, they went on to cover Velvet Revolver stuff like Slither and Dirty Little Thing.

Next up was Ajantaro!

They covered Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces.

As for the Stone Temple Pilots stuff, they did Crackerman, Lady Picture Show, Big Empty, and Plush.

Ajan also played in Brainhead. Brainhead played at the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Gig, 17th August 2007, Jamasia.

(Flashback to then.)

Coincidentally, BullsEye KL and Jamasia are owned by the same folks!

Fadhil jumps on stage to introduce the last band.


They’d been inactive since 2013, but got back together to do this Scott Weiland tribute.

The last time I met Ronny was also here, where he talked about being a father. So now I knew where the rockers have gone.

Ojie’s beautiful Rickenbacker. I’ve never seen one in such a mint, new condition – this must be what it looked like back in those days.

Velan Nathan played drums with Stonebay in an earlier lineup. And so, for that, the band on stage was known as Teluk Batu Berhad. First, they covered Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing.

Here’s them covering Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song.

Afiq joined later, so the band on stage was now Stonebay.

Ojie has always had that deep grunge voice that carried such covers well. Stonebay also played at the same tribute gig! They covered Stone Temple Pilots’ Wicked Garden, Creep, Big Bang Baby, and Silvergun Superman.

He announced that he got the idea to do the tribute because of a Facebook post where I tagged him. It was a throwback to the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Gig, and I posted this because Scott Weiland had recently passed away. I was so glad I swapped shooting A Shameless Covers Night 3 from Saturday (where it would clash) to Friday, so I could go for this gig. It would suck if I didn’t go!

LOT 36 Jan ’16 Featuring Nadir

9th January 2016: LOT 36 Jan ’16 featuring Nadir at The Bee, Publika. Here’s one of two percussive ends, Santosh, on one of two ends of the stage.

On the other end, Ashwin.

Stephanie on keys.

Kamal of Salam Musik filling in for Farique on guitar!

Rashdan Harith on guitar and vocals!

Zaim hiding in the back with his bass!

Former programmer, Eizaz Azhar, filling in for Adil Johan (who was on paternity leave.)


8th January 2016: A SHAMELESS COVERS NIGHT 3, first night, at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One!

The return of the shameless four!

Covering past hits, shamelessly…

…at night, of course.

Sometimes they swap instruments.

Sometimes they share instruments.

Some we see them in a role often…

…and some, not often at all.

Outside, other roles, played by volunteers.

And so, we have Reza Salleh.

Mia Palencia.

Zalila Lee.

Puppeteer Melina William.

Reza then heads out to the audience to pick a member…

Bihzhu! I gotta have more cowbell!

Her new band, heh.

Group shot!

Smiles abound.

Always a pleasure to hear this shameless quartet harmonize.

On-stage banter of real-life friends.

Melinya is a stage hand this time, having pulled the straw that says she puts straw hats on people.

Mia makes this hat look good.

Melina brings her influences in as covers, which is always refreshing.

The kazoo, obviously not shared by anybody.

I shot all the telephoto shots with the Minolta 70-210mm F4.0 beercan. Not sure if the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA would’ve served this purpose better, though not able to cover the on-stage crowd shot.

Plushie toss.

Encore time!

Such an awesome stage prop, this.

A puppet show!

Spot Melinya, master of puppets.

Group shot of all of them!

Previous Shameless Covers nights:
Shameless Covers Night 2
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Asian Connection ft. Take Two (SG)

7th January 2016: Asian Connection ft. Take Two (SG) at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

First up, Nadir, a crazy jazz fusion band with what has been described to be a Tourism Malaysia sound!

Zaim on bass!

Stephanie on keys!

Eizaz filling in for Adil Johan on saxophone!

(Edited with update from Zaim) Kamal of Salam Musik filling in for Farique on guitar! (Interestingly, one of the reasons they got him to fill in, is his resemblance to Farique.)

Rashdan on guitar and vocals!

Ashwin on drums!

Santosh on tabla and percussion!

Continuing the unconventional is Chirin Chirin.

Punk rock band power without the punk, just screaming and rocking out.

We’d normally see these band members in different roles.

More crunchy distortion!

I didn’t inspect how these things worked.

Big crowd, and the first gig I attended in 2016! New Year greetings went all around.

Darren Teh, emcee and organizer.

Next up, another big band.

Son Of A Policeman!

Jee has a thing for restless keyboards.

Singalong choruses are their forte.

I was surprised to find out that Axl Grey is a programmer – that’s my day job, too!

Contrary to assumption, none of them are the offspring of policemen. Whether they are offspring of policewomen, I do not know.

Take Two.

They hail from Singapore.

Indie electronica-tinged rock, suitable for dancing.

It’s been a while that I’d been so impressed that I’d buy an album.

Theirs was sold as either an audio CD or USB thumb drive. I opted for the USB thumb drive, as you could reuse the thumb drive (plus, my DVD burner has been acting up since I upgraded to Windows 10.)

Feedback Open Mic ft Chirin Chirin & Riana Adams @ The Bee Publika / December 2015 Edition

22nd December 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Chirin Chirin & Riana Adams @ The Bee Publika / December 2015 Edition. Here’s emcee Yvonne Chong, taking over duties for Reza Salleh who could not make it.

Adam & Eric.


Haikal was missing this time, so the drummer sang.

Hong & Tabitha.

Somebody in the audience wanted to compliment her on her voice. I told him to go tell her, but he didn’t.


The Message.

I’d known Syakir from the days of Paul’s Place!

Fikri Azam.

First featured act…

Riana Adams.

Just her voice and guitar.

Her friends filled up tables.

A George Luc-a-like.

Kahlil Hanafi. (Edited, thanks for the update man!)

Sachie and her awesomely festive hair! (I’m talking about the red locks below her shoulders.)

Paperplane Pursuit helped Chirin Chirin setup, and introduced them!

They were the second featured act.

Yeah, a bunch of familiar faces switched around.

Rock and rolling.

God Is Busy.

Mr. Fluff (Bo Amir Iqram) was initially solo but later invited Ryan Lee Bhaskaran, Isaac Ravi and Ting. He then sang his hit single, Lagu, with Jon Liddell, who did a cover of this exact song.

Jared thanked everybody for coming for his birthday (and for all, for performing.)

Feather Chapter

22nd December 2015: Of Feathers And Chapters at Bangsar Shopping Center!

I knew about it when I bumped into Jonathan at lunch, who said they were performing later. Next to this tall dude is Ashley, who I rarely see standing when performing, because she usually sits on a cajon.

Khye Mun, who I usually see with electronica instruments, was part of this acapella group.

Linet Goh, usually on keyboard and vocals for Dotters’ Division.

I’d usually see Jonathan Khor on violins.

Wei Xian.

Irene Sow.

Jacqueline Ngeow.

Wai Kit.

They did Christmas carols, for Christmas season was here!

The stage was at the Bangsar Shopping Center Annexe/Extension on the left. (The original is where Chili’s is.) The Christmas decoration was themed Elfland, but was nowhere as epic as 2013’s, or even 2014’s.

Birthday Gig

19th December 2015: Lot 36: Dotters’ Division, for my birthday, why not?

Melissa spots me.

Jie Er has another bass I don’t remember her having!

Linet the boss reminded Melissa of my birthday, and I got a birthday song!

Hueyuen Choong, original drummer, guest drumming.