Feather Chapter

22nd December 2015: Of Feathers And Chapters at Bangsar Shopping Center!

I knew about it when I bumped into Jonathan at lunch, who said they were performing later. Next to this tall dude is Ashley, who I rarely see standing when performing, because she usually sits on a cajon.

Khye Mun, who I usually see with electronica instruments, was part of this acapella group.

Linet Goh, usually on keyboard and vocals for Dotters’ Division.

I’d usually see Jonathan Khor on violins.

Wei Xian.

Irene Sow.

Jacqueline Ngeow.

Wai Kit.

They did Christmas carols, for Christmas season was here!

The stage was at the Bangsar Shopping Center Annexe/Extension on the left. (The original is where Chili’s is.) The Christmas decoration was themed Elfland, but was nowhere as epic as 2013’s, or even 2014’s.

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