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Am I Depressed?

I was getting on the STAR LRT at around 9:10am from the Masjid Jamek station to go to Bukit Jalil, where my office, the fishtank, was. As usual, I would walk towards the door with the young attractive females, as a train ride would be boring staring blankly at old people. I sat near the front of the cab, where opposite me was a quite pretty, fair and not too skinny Chinese girl.

I leaned my head forward against the side wall, hugging my bag, as I rocked to Black Sabbath blasting in my ears, scratching my blackheads, while my eyes flitted between looking outside, looking at the collected rain fall down the front window, and looking at the girl.

This continued until the train reached Chan Sow Lin, to which the girl stood up, facing me, and took out a leaflet with three Chinese characters on it. In puzzlement, I took off my earphones.

She: Excuse me, can you read Chinese? (In English, mind you…)
Me: No…

She then flipped through her photograph book and took out another leaflet, with a sunrise/sunset background (much like those condom packages.) There, printed, were three words that I forgot, except the last word, “depressed“.

She: Hey you can have this.
Me: Huh? I’m not depressed…

She then got off the train.

Now that I think of it, I sounded slightly defensive with the last sentence. Of course, I wasn’t feeling depressed. I regret not taking the leaflet; imagine how much better this story would have been if I could show you the leaflet!

Yes, I felt touched by an angel. 🙂

Now, the questions arise!

1) Do I look depressed?
2) Why did she get on my train and not the next one (since she’s obviously going towards Ampang, not Sri Petaling…)
3) Should I have took the leaflet and broke down, just to get her to stay on the train and listen to sad stories that I would make up so maybe she’d hug me and tell me “it’s gonna be alright”, making a new friend in the process? Oh, and for further counselling, I’d need a number! (Oh wait, I think I know the answer to this question… 🙁 Darn, wasted oppurtunity!)
4) Why did she ask if I could read Chinese in English and not Chinese?
5) How did she know that I couldn’t read or speak Chinese?
6) Does Black Sabbath sound depressing to you?
7) What was she doing with a photograph book full of leaflets?

Since Everyone’s Blogged About It…

Yes, I watched The Matrix Reloaded on its opening day and thought it was fantastic! How did it compare to its prequel? I don’t know. I never watched the first, The Matrix.

I look forward to watching the finale to Lord Of The Rings. I haven’t watched the first, while I was sick when I was supposed to watch the second. I’ll be bloody blur but heck, I’ll do it for the fun of it. My sister watched the second without the first and she wasn’t that blur! (She does seem rather blur…)

Then, I’ll watch the second one and first one! Oh yeah. I’d be going “OHHHHHHHHHH” and “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” all over the reverse screening.

Oh yes, people do say I look like Neo after watching it. I hardly think so; see this?

Albert at a Coffee Bean, huge image, 18341 bytes

Yesterday I went out with some friends and we discussed the predictable end to the Matrix trilogy. We hypothesized on and on and came to one simple plot. It would involve Neo flying, in button-time, to press the button. For two hours. Sure, there would be cameras spinning around to make it look less mundane. Why would Neo press the button, effectively destroying himself? The movie doesn’t explain it because the Wachowski brothers wanted to take fanboys on a ride. The Matrix’s plot, really, is what fans make of it. 😛

Oh yes, I succumbed to pressure two days ago and bought the original VCD pack with The Matrix Revisited. I haven’t watched it though; been busy with college work. 🙁

P.S. Thanks to the person who made sure one of us did not pay for our own tickets. 😉

Weird Bus Ride

busstairs.gif, 1472 bytes

There’s these two 40-something middle class Indians guys sitting opposite me on the bus. Guy A’s hand was on Guy B’s inner thigh as he talked loudly on his mobile phone. Then Guy B put his hand on Guy A’s hand! They looked pretty straight to me but what was weirder was that Guy A had some brown puke on his shirt. He then puked on the entrance stairs! This lady facing them got off, but stupidly, on the same stairs. I moved to the far back end of the bus. Guy B borrowed a pail of water from a petrol station to wash it off.

Guy A later made waterfall sounds, but his back was towards me so I was relieved I didn’t see it. Guy B was standing, watching over, and beckoning the passengers to come and see the show! I was thinking of getting off and getting a cab, but luckily the couple got off soon. As the bus drove off into the sunset (okay, so sunset was 3 hours ago) the couple walked behind, hand in hand. Quite straight, I might add; they didn’t look drunk at all.

Very weird indeed. Even weirder is the reaction of one old Chinese guy who went over to stare at it, like it was a grotesque accident. He’s probably going to remember “8565” and buy the numbers at the local 4D gambling parlor. If they went for a drink, why did they go back at 2215 hours? Also, they hardly looked like they would be touchy-feely. They also looked educated enough to know if it was considerate to get off the bus and find a drain!

Now don’t take this as a racist sentiment – there was once a Chinese lady behind me who barfed into her plastic bag. At least she got off soon.

Fair Play

Gah! I’m at a cybercafe, battling in 1942 (Electronic Arts’ excellent Battlefield 1942) when I realized that lame gamers aren’t limited to say, Counter-Strike. Seems that any multiplayer game that has two teams or sides can have the same problem – unbalanced teams. (Having 1 more on your team doesn’t count as imbalance.)

It’s no longer fair when you and one unknown poor sod have to take over flags controlled by 6 enemies. They are humans, mind you! Is it any more fun playing when you greatly overrun the enemy in terms of artillery? Fun, maybe… challenging, no.

All I can do is type “(insert-enemy-team-here) is lame, come join my-understaffed-team) and hope for someone to switch over. Of course, in cybercafes, most of them don’t know how to do so. Why doesn’t Battlefield 1942 have “auto team balance next round“?!?

What’s worse is that some intentionally switch over. I was one-on-one with this guy and was obviously winning (by taking his flags, not by finding the sorry camper) when he switched over to my team! How lame is that? Then, I switched to the other team, and took back my flags (and still won!)

I know, Battlefield 1942 is a hard game to learn. I don’t care if you crash the plane taking off, crash into teammates, shoot me, camp at our base… just play fair, dangit!

That said, humans are a heck lot more fun to play with. Anyone?

Just A Phase?

What’s with domains with two characters at the end?

Back then the craze was .nu. It seems to be .tk now. Okay, so nu is a fancy way of spelling new, but what the heck does tk stand for?

Also, what does mean?

It also seems a stereotype for punky rebellious angsty girls with tiny text to like .nu domains. .tk takes a similiar trend but lets in guys.

When I have the money, I will be getting a classic .com domain. No fancy whatever unless I can get Nigeria, to that I will register or something.

Cutting Age

Majorly delayed but here goes:

I got a haircut at the regular Indian barber shop.

What makes it so worthy of a blog entry?
I was charged 10 Ringgit Malaysia.

So? Isn’t that the regular price?
For an adult haircut, that is! Yes, I have been charged RM9 every other time! Finally, acknowledgement for my mature look. He even did a quick shave near my jawline, threw in some yellow lotion at the back, and he took a towel and cracked my head left and right!

Oh yeah, I felt like a man.

I walked out looking like a boy again.