Just A Phase?

What’s with domains with two characters at the end?

Back then the craze was .nu. It seems to be .tk now. Okay, so nu is a fancy way of spelling new, but what the heck does tk stand for?

Also, what does cjb.net mean?

It also seems a stereotype for punky rebellious angsty girls with tiny text to like .nu domains. .tk takes a similiar trend but lets in guys.

When I have the money, I will be getting a classic .com domain. No fancy whatever unless I can get Nigeria, to that I will register http://albert.ng or something.

5 thoughts on “Just A Phase?

  1. Jimmy Post author

    You’ve got a site and i don’t have. So stfu. 🙂

    Haha. Noh. Really. I lost my site because my host has got no money to host his own site. So i’m stucked here. Back to blogger. http://gnooh.blogspot.com


  2. Dinesh Post author

    DotTK’s a new free domain host i think. It stands for Tokelau, some country somewhere in the world.


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