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Paperplane Pursuit & Darren Ashley Intimate Showcase… And Mutima!

18th January 2014: Paperplane Pursuit & Darren Ashley Intimate Showcase, at The Bee, Publika!

Yep, that’s Red FM announcer JJ!

Paperplane Pursuit played first.

Whoa fanned frets!

John on vocals.

EXIF is there for all to see; this was at 50mm F1.4 ISO1600.

Isaac on guitar!

It’s a bird… no it’s a plane, a Paperplane Pursuit!

The crowd including one future to-be Red FM announcer, Melissa Th’ng.

Spot Robin Wong! He also covered this gig on his blog.

Joining the stage: Darren Ashley!

They did their collaboration, Paperplane Pursuit x Darren Ashley – Beat Of Your Love! Joni is seen recording the performance.

Yes, this one! Their video socks!

Joni also directed and edited this video. Also, Joni is Darren’s sister, and John’s wife, making the vocalists brothers-in-law! As promotional teasers, all the sockified band members changed their profile pictures to their sock likenesses. Very cool social media move!

The best part of the video being that they were instantly recognizeable, even in their sock likenesses!

There is also a part in the video where Darren does this exact motion.

On to Darren Ashley‘s own set…

Electropop time with Kaoss Pads!

He then played his classic guitar stuff.

Fascinating, the beard.

Ryan in red, Darren Ashley’s drummer. Isaac also plays guitar for Darren.

We hung around, and found there was another band!

As it turns out…

…this was the official listed act for the night.

Lot 36: Mutima!

I can’t remember this guy’s name but he got groove and slick rap.

Tima, one heck of an expressive vocalist!

She’s the real deal, the queen, the source.

The crowd could not help but be swept up in the reggae/soul/funk of the band.

JJ and John boogie.

Conga line!

They ended with an explosive cover of Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return). I wouldn’t have expected that!

Moonshine: Spotlight / Jan 2014 Edition

16th January 2014: Moonshine: Spotlight / Jan 2014 Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve. Yes, my first blog post from 2014 (though, I haven’t posted pictures from Rock The World 13, so it’s not chronological order and I’ve not actually cleared all of 2013’s gigs, strictly speaking.) This is Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer!

Az Samad.

Finger-tapping, guitar-popping maestro.

Quirky Qwerty sings impromptu backup vocals! (If you can consider Az’s guitar the main vocalist, that is.)

Chest bump.

A very cool thing about this purple guitar (besides it being purple) is its upper soundhole, so the guitarist can hear what he/she is playing even better.

Quirky Qwerty! I think the picture explains their name.

Melina and her new Dean 5-string acoustic bass. She was very happy with it on stage, especially when doing a Jungle Book cover, and singing the Baloo part on bass.

Faz on guitar.

David Ling, who finds himself being the only dude in this band, as well as Tabloid.

Sharon Chong on melodica!

3 iPads on stage, for sheet music. These are legit sheet-reading musicians!

Sharon however is old-school.

I don’t know if people who read lyrics off phones on stage ever get phone calls while on stage.

Nish takes a break from her primary instrument, the steel pan/steel drum.

The Metaphor.


Tomas and his pedalboard.

No wait, make that two, for more post-rock goodness.

If I was ever to get another guitar without a floating bridge, it might be a string-through, because they just look so sleek.

A new angle.

Barber chair at Laundry Bar.

Man Under Zero Effort.

Instrumental rock, mostly.

Random audience member who makes an interesting photographic subject.

Lefty bass!

Now that is a Pedaltrain.

Rather interesting pickups on that guitar!

Moonshine: Online / December Edition

26th December 2013: Moonshine: Online / December Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Nigel Tay!

David Knight!

Amrita Soon!

Rashdan Harith!

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Jeremy doing the live stream online.

Nigel’s got soul.

David, harvesting electronica souls.

Amrita has songs dedicated to parents – strangely a topic that is largely missing from other songwriters’ repertoires.

Rashdan is rocker somedays and Backstreet Boys fan some other days. I’d like to see that fan again!

The singer-songwriter format is that all performers get on stage at the same time, and sit around while taking turns to play, or improvise and/or harmonize along when another is performing.

Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika / December Edition

24th December 2013: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika / December Edition. This is Izzy!


He had an old soul voice. Nice!

Natalie & Shereen.

Well it’s gotta be one or the other.

The hard-rocking Niche!

A tight trio that covered Muse – Knights Of Cydonia

…earning the admiration of rockers in the crowd.

Supportive friends and family!

Wireless systems make for stage mobility and untethered rocking out.

Reflective fretboard. I was mesmerized.



Jon Liddell, first featured act.

Happy Garden. What a name!

Remy J..


Syamee Shamsul covers Elvis Presley – I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You with the proper Elvis voice. Hail to the King, baby!

Reza Salleh, second featured act, and organizer.

Zalila Lee having a good laugh at their hats.



I’d suddenly see more Warwick basses!

Peter & Markiza Brown. This is Markiza…

…and Peter. I thought his new goatee was awesome, but his wife Markiza didn’t think so.

Fariz Salleh.

Ariff AB, superstar.

Adam & Yusuf Khan, who did a cover of Michael Jackson – Billie Jean into Queen – Another One Bites The Dust, followed by Steve Vai – For The Love Of God. Unexpected!

Ross Farin, I think, covered Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise.

Hameer Zawawi, last, as was his tradition.

Moonshine: Spotlight / December Edition 2013

19th December 2013: Moonshine: Spotlight / December Edition 2013 at Laundry Bar, The Curve!



Michelle and a vocal effects pedal.

New lineup.

Emir Syazwan of Throne Away. How I’ve missed this band, the most enjoyable emo band to watch, to me! This was the first band I’d see the amazing bassist Hiro Maekawa in, playing chords on bass (I’d never seen the original bassist, who has now returned.) Also, thanks dude for the birthday song!

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.


They brought back new wave.

Faliq, also known for Pastel Lite, another electronica band.

Synthesizers of all shapes and sizes are in order.

Gotta have more cowbell.

Meanwhile, Darren Ashley outside, getting inked.

David Knight, electronic and emotional.

I don’t remember seeing all this the last time!

More gadgetry.

Zalila Lee, guest vocals.

And then something far less electronic.

Prince of electropop, Darren Ashley!

Cross the Kaoss Pads.

Technical difficulties, so David rushed up to help. So sad; I would’ve loved to see them both in an electronica showdown.

Ryan Lee Bhaskaran sneaks in, to the drumset.

With the season, Darren played Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

It was also my birthday, so it was nice to have an electronica-themed Moonshine! Also, I skipped one rock show – Rock The World 13, that happened before this, as this one has a lot less pictures and can be posted faster. When I have a bit more time I’ll rewind to that.

Moonshine: Upcoming / December Edition

12th December 2013: Moonshine: Upcoming / December Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s Jon Liddell.

This reminds me of a famous picture of a singer with a guitar. I can’t figure out who.

Kevin Theseira, emcee!

Ryota Katayama!

Sulyn Ooi on keyboard.

Eu Gene on bass.

Eng Hooi on drums and sound effects.

I love it when the lighting is balanced like so.

Next, a band I hadn’t seen in a while: Free To Fall!

A bunch of girls from Klang…

…who rock out.

Anecdotally, they’d been around for a really long time.

A Warwick Rock Bass I don’t see often.

Minor changes to the lineup involve Jane Sebastian being the lead vocalist instead of Jane Chong. I imagine less confusion when someone hollers “Jane!”

To end the night…


AG Coco’s Pedaltrain has everything. You just want to get on that train.

And now, for some random headshots…

…because I found I liked them more than the full-body shots.

This also reminds me of a famous picture. Not sure who.

Moonshine: Spotlight / November 2013

28th November 2013: Moonshine: Spotlight / November 2013 at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer introduces the first act…

Reza Salleh!

His band of merry m… women.

Some new songs of a more acoustic laid-back nature!

In the audience area, they beckoned to me to photograph. This is what happened.

Next, The Impatient Sisters.

Irena/Kina Taib on guitar and vocals.

Soraya Taib on vocals.

Nazeera Taib on vocals.

Backing band of merry men!

Despite the color cast on her hair, she was not the green power ranger of the group.


Tempered Mental!

Jack is a powerhouse of riffage and guitar solos.

Jimmy holds the groove and locks it all down in his cap.

Melina has that yearning voice over progressive metal-fused rock.

Anyway, time for some tapping.

Bass double-tapping!

Electronica, with the boys of Enterprise.

Another singing bassist!

Key to the sound? Keys.

Electronic drum pad, I think.

The strap fell off, and Faliq of Pastel Lite (a fellow electronica band) came to the rescue!

Yay good lighting!

Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika / November Edition

26th November 2013: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika / November Edition.



Aiman & Izwan with a sweet guitar solo!

Shaneil Devaser and Riz!

Tall emcee and mic stand adjuster Hameer Zawawi on the right.

Farah Idayu.

The Esther Ann Band.

The Esther Ann, with a sweet Korg SV1 in the back.

The Message.

Red Ruby Avengers, first featured act. (I seem to have missed Emperor Obvious, second featured act.)

They did a shred version of Britney Spears – Baby One More Time.

The Lost Symmetry.


Comes with keyboards.

Reza Salleh, the organizer, introduces the next act, because it would be weird for the emcee to introduce himself.

Hameer Zawawi!


Mia & Fie.

Lyrics in your hand.

They asked to sing a third song (the rule is 2 songs per open mic performer, unless you’re a featured act, where you perform 4 songs.) As it turns out the third song was just a birthday song!


Flip The Table.

With Faz…

…and Nicky on loop pedal.

Otam, the one with the gruff voice.

He got Hameer and Faz up on stage to jam!

Jon Liddell.


He looked a lot scruffier before; now it looks like he got a job… in the good-looking department.

Urbanscapes 2013

Urbanscapes 2013, a two-day festival from the 23rd to 24th of November 2013, at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). Time to fulfil my yearly hipster pilgrimage! (I’ve been to all Urbanscapes events, including the satellite shows, but I won’t blog about those since I didn’t bring my camera in.)

The Commons: Urbanscapes Stage. This would be where the big acts would play.

Art on the long, winding road leading through the festival. If you took the bus, it was an even longer walk from where the bus stopped to go in.

Cool upcycling! Probably flood-proof, too!

For all that upcycling, reducing, reusing, recycling is the hype among hipsters at a hipster festival, hipsters love coffee, and a cup of coffee takes 140 liters of water to produce (remember, growing, roasting etc.) A cup of tea takes 35 liters of water to produce, a quarter of coffee’s requirement! I don’t see hipsters running to this coffee plant.

I reached the End Of The Road; the Upfront Stage.

Damn Dirty Apes!

They played a more varied set this time, compared to their chronological ones, and a reggae remix of one of their songs as well as new songs, like one titled Say Hello To My Little Friend, if I remember correctly.

They are still my favorite post-rock band, Malaysian or otherwise.

Across the road…

Woods: Deer In The Park.

A crazy climb up the hill, then more stairs.

Bass Sekolah feat. Cee, Darren Ashley & Justin!

It looks like Darren and Cee are having a QWOP faceoff.

Further up another flight of stairs was the Define area. Here’s Jenifurfurfur!

Rames (Bond) didn’t succeed in getting all the way, but he won a cup of froyo anyway. I won two, because I got through the entire electrified path.

Very cool accordion sofa!

To exit the upper area, you’d just slide down like so, wearing showercaps on your shoes, landing in a ballpit. I didn’t take this way out since it had a long queue.

I shot in burst mode and merged the pictures together.

Some who went for Urbanscapes developed rashes due to allergens, possibly centipedes that had come out due to rain, even though they were not lying on the grass. It would sound as if MAEPS was infested with centipedes!

In this picture, I just see that MAEPS was infested with hipsters.

As for me, as I had a pre-existing case of eczema, I could not tell if I developed an additional rash or not.

Also, as a slight side rant, at another event, somebody thought I derided their work like it’s only for hipsters and therefore it is dirty and I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Well, I don’t use South Park phrases, and she was being terribly presumptuous; as much as I tease hipsters or accuse people of being hipsters, I know that I am one myself, for being an elitist, although I don’t look the part. I was a music elitist before hipsters came about, so I’m probably a proto-hipster. Y’know, like how proto-punk came before punk.

Unrelated visual.

Yuna, just walking by.

Funky bike.

Hipsters love triangles.

We were not allowed to bring in umbrellas for whatever stupid reasons; we had to leave it at the entrance and collect it later. (I bumped into Adrian of Freeform, the organizer of Urbanscapes, and asked him why this was so, and he said it shouldn’t be and would check into it.) So I was glad that there was air-conditioned refuge from the sun.

Everybody getting juiced up with free phone charging, using solar-powered chargers by Goal Zero.

DJs, and Cloth And Clef’s banner! The place has since gone, so it was nice to see a familiar banner.

Free ice-cream. Now if only I could find somebody my age to play this school game with.

Back to the hill!

Tiger Beer area, cordoned off with just plastic plates and wire.

I know this guy!

Plates Pavilion by Red Hong Xi x David Yeow x Cheryl Heap using 5500 plastic plates. Quite pretty!

More free ice-cream.

Free chips! I loved this booth as they had free USB charging, too.

Up on the hill, an interesting fiber-optic light installation was… installed, on a tree.

This was my Facebook profile picture for a while.


Inside The Field: The Next Stage, was Tongue Tied – A Spoken Word Cabaret.

Familiar Hameer Zawawi on guitar!

Sheena could’ve beena…

Crow. Whoa.

Nearby, in a white box (with the unexpected JKKN projection) was a performance.

The audience would walk through a U-shaped path, passing the performers in the middle.

There’d also be an art installation of… shoes.

Outside, at the stalls, less abstract things were going on. I didn’t ask what this was about.

Then, to The Commons, the main stage!

Tegan & Sara!

Bass and guitar.

Drummer, too.



Although I managed to get my umbrella back, I brought it again on the second day, and they again would not allow it in. So I had to part with my trusty umbrella again. Fortunately, Mercy Malaysia was selling umbrellas, with proceeds going to Typhoon Haiyan victims! So I bought my new main umbrella there. Notice that it’s silvered on the outside; the previous MyNews one I had was stupidly silvered on the inside, making it not very useful against the sun.

In The Field, Fuzz, stand-up comedian from Singapore. Awesome material dude!

Andrew Netto, good ol’ regular joker macha.

Kuah Jen Han, a busy celebrity outside.

At The Commons, Paladin!

Cello rock at its finest.

I usually see them on much smaller stages…

…so I’m glad to see them having all the space to rock out!

Bumped into Jeremy Choy, who had a medium format film camera. Just so you know where square format pictures came from.

A giant ear that would record secrets.

Outside the FZ booth was a wall to stamp your hand on.

In the FZ booth’s air-conditioned comfort, giant Jenga was being played.

Outside, Joseph Germani in a onesie!

Quickest way to the hill; Malaysian sport indeed.

Sheena, outside, explains that this was her likeness.

Airborne spy.

Screw that, so I went back into the FZ booth. More onesies!

I would be very disappointed if nobody came in a caterpillar onesie for the next Urbanscapes.

I made new friends who were also enraged when their umbrellas were denied entry. As it turns out, they also had POLITIKO, so we played that to pass time before Franz Ferdinand.

Outside the booth.

Bumped into my hipster friends! Ashleiloumou, What Y-wannn and NGEL (despite the spelling, it’s pronounced NIGEL the way Franz Ferdinand would sing Michael. Very IKEA!)

Franz Ferdinand!

Alex Kapranos, lead singer and guitarist.

Nick McCarthy, guitarist.

Paul Thomson on drums.

I’m not sure if this is Bob Hardy on bass… it doesn’t quite look like him!

They played a very full set for me, since I was only familiar with their first two albums, traversing chronology freely.

Laundry presents the Moonshine 8th Anniversary Music Marathon

17th November 2013: Laundry presents the Moonshine 8th Anniversary Music Marathon at Laundry Bar, The Curve, with an interesting permutation – it was on a Saturday! Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Bassment Syndicate, neo funk soul.

Not sure what that can is about.

Emperor Obvious, post-hardcore, more instrumental.

Intan sells Urbanscapes tickets with a smile. Buy my tickets!

Darren Ashley

…and the band, known as Dash.

Anna Chong, conjurer of emotions.

Liyana Fizi!

Some band members.

Reza Salleh in trio format.

Music to dance to.

Platform 11. Yes, a bow on an electric guitar!

Not just any electric guitar, but the Dean Far Beyond Driven Dimebag Tribute ML.

Asmidar, teleporting you to the jungle and nature.

Paladin, cello band, covered Deep Purple – Highway Star

…and Search – Fantasia Bulan Madu, a personal favorite of mine, and certainly Amy Search, who was in the crowd! They beckoned him to come on stage and sing…

…and he did!

Andai dipisah
Laut dan pantai
Musnahlah ilham
Hilang pedoman

Andai dipisah
Cahaya dan bulan
Gelap gelita
Punah asmara

Such epicness.

Diandra Arjunaidi.

Amazing guitarist!

In case you’re wondering, the event took place on two stages – as a band performed on one stage, the next band set up on the other stage, to minimize delays. The crowd then shuffled back and forth. Hence the differing colors of stage lighting.

Ryan The Red.

Quirky Qwerty and their quirky song with flash cards!

Always nice to see a band with a theme!

Arabyrd & Sona One. This is Arabyrd.

A member of the crowd joined her to boogie down.

I went for a quick toilet break, and when I got back, I missed Sona One. This distresses me somewhat. I also knew him from many years ago so it would’ve been nice to bump into him again!

Pastel Lite, electronica!

Eff the effective entertainer, with in-between-song banter that amuses.

Tempered Mental. If somebody asked me to point out a local rock band that would be impressive, I would not be able to go wrong with them. The technicality of progressive metal squeezed into a rock sound makes for good headbanging.

The local headbangers would be all here for Love Me Butch!

Syahrul screams with such presence.

He commands the crowd.

Tenderfist is tender electronica.

DJ Bunga of Twilight Action Girl ended the night.

Outside, after the show, Nish Tham showed us her steel drum/steel pan. Interesting how the layout goes anti-clockwise in the circle of fifths, with each inner circle being one octave higher.