Paperplane Pursuit & Darren Ashley Intimate Showcase… And Mutima!

18th January 2014: Paperplane Pursuit & Darren Ashley Intimate Showcase, at The Bee, Publika!

Yep, that’s Red FM announcer JJ!

Paperplane Pursuit played first.

Whoa fanned frets!

John on vocals.

EXIF is there for all to see; this was at 50mm F1.4 ISO1600.

Isaac on guitar!

It’s a bird… no it’s a plane, a Paperplane Pursuit!

The crowd including one future to-be Red FM announcer, Melissa Th’ng.

Spot Robin Wong! He also covered this gig on his blog.

Joining the stage: Darren Ashley!

They did their collaboration, Paperplane Pursuit x Darren Ashley – Beat Of Your Love! Joni is seen recording the performance.

Yes, this one! Their video socks!

Joni also directed and edited this video. Also, Joni is Darren’s sister, and John’s wife, making the vocalists brothers-in-law! As promotional teasers, all the sockified band members changed their profile pictures to their sock likenesses. Very cool social media move!

The best part of the video being that they were instantly recognizeable, even in their sock likenesses!

There is also a part in the video where Darren does this exact motion.

On to Darren Ashley‘s own set…

Electropop time with Kaoss Pads!

He then played his classic guitar stuff.

Fascinating, the beard.

Ryan in red, Darren Ashley’s drummer. Isaac also plays guitar for Darren.

We hung around, and found there was another band!

As it turns out…

…this was the official listed act for the night.

Lot 36: Mutima!

I can’t remember this guy’s name but he got groove and slick rap.

Tima, one heck of an expressive vocalist!

She’s the real deal, the queen, the source.

The crowd could not help but be swept up in the reggae/soul/funk of the band.

JJ and John boogie.

Conga line!

They ended with an explosive cover of Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child (Slight Return). I wouldn’t have expected that!

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