Moonshine: Spotlight / Jan 2014 Edition

16th January 2014: Moonshine: Spotlight / Jan 2014 Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve. Yes, my first blog post from 2014 (though, I haven’t posted pictures from Rock The World 13, so it’s not chronological order and I’ve not actually cleared all of 2013’s gigs, strictly speaking.) This is Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer!

Az Samad.

Finger-tapping, guitar-popping maestro.

Quirky Qwerty sings impromptu backup vocals! (If you can consider Az’s guitar the main vocalist, that is.)

Chest bump.

A very cool thing about this purple guitar (besides it being purple) is its upper soundhole, so the guitarist can hear what he/she is playing even better.

Quirky Qwerty! I think the picture explains their name.

Melina and her new Dean 5-string acoustic bass. She was very happy with it on stage, especially when doing a Jungle Book cover, and singing the Baloo part on bass.

Faz on guitar.

David Ling, who finds himself being the only dude in this band, as well as Tabloid.

Sharon Chong on melodica!

3 iPads on stage, for sheet music. These are legit sheet-reading musicians!

Sharon however is old-school.

I don’t know if people who read lyrics off phones on stage ever get phone calls while on stage.

Nish takes a break from her primary instrument, the steel pan/steel drum.

The Metaphor.


Tomas and his pedalboard.

No wait, make that two, for more post-rock goodness.

If I was ever to get another guitar without a floating bridge, it might be a string-through, because they just look so sleek.

A new angle.

Barber chair at Laundry Bar.

Man Under Zero Effort.

Instrumental rock, mostly.

Random audience member who makes an interesting photographic subject.

Lefty bass!

Now that is a Pedaltrain.

Rather interesting pickups on that guitar!

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