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Digicam For Sale

If you’ve visited my blog and went, “wow, those are very nice pictures!” and you’d like to take pictures that make people go, “wow, those are very nice pictures!“, you now CAN.

I am selling the legendary Fujifilm A202 digicam that has immortalized many interesting views in my blog. Every picture you will see as of June 2004 till Christmas Eve 2004 was taken with this very camera. I warn you that this is merely a barebones digicam for those who cannot afford anything better. A lot of it depends on your compositional skills and Photoshop experience.

I’m selling it because I have a better camera now.

The price? RM225, negotiable. However, it also includes a carrying case, a 16MB xD Picture card, AND hands-on training (on the camera, and about Photoshop over MSN chat) from the same person who brought you such eye-catching pictures. ME!

Consider this as well – the 1 Megapixel variant of this camera (the A101) is selling second-hand in Cash Converters Kelana Jaya for RM235.

Joy To MY World

Joy joy joy.

I once again restored all my entries using Google‘s cache of my website! I managed to keep the post IDs and links intact by a tricky process of calculating how many comments go in and when. Makes me wish I coded it more efficiently. I only backed up the database last January 19th 2004 so every post after that has bogus filler posts to satisfy the quota (and some may even tell you what people may have posted!) Dejavu. I lost a lot of paranoid tracker entries but heck. There’s Brinkster‘s ad banner on top but heck. I’ve updated my About Me! page with some links.

I’ve successfully flashed my DVD writer; it is now region free, though only certain software DVD players will know it. The rest aren’t fooled by DVD Region-Free! Ah well.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day – go to post office, send in MENSA form, claim DiGi postpaid points for some discount off a new phone, send my old motherboard for repair, get my driver’s-seat-virgin-butt registered for classes, and go to Virtual Arena, Desa Sri Hartamas, to get myself a review copy of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. 😉

And So I Ask. How?

I’m not ready to tell her.

What would she say? Would she let me stay?

I’m lazy and she knows it.

Sometimes the truth is best hidden or at least held back.

Serves me right, she’d say. Not like I was one for concentrating anyway, but it would make her happy.

I need a change. I don’t want to be staring and working on it all night. Sometimes even a goodnight is hushed or forgotten. Would we instantly forgive and forget? She would, and I take that for granted that sometimes she just will not forget.

She loves me more than I would like to recount or measure, but her concern becomes my loss. My loss of freedom. My loss of income.

I shall tell her someday, on the ever so rare fair-weathered day.

I’m Still Alive

It’s about time I update. Anyway, here goes:

New familiar-sounding Quotes!

“The problem with sarcasm is that you’re supposed to take it literally.”
“I’m embarrassed of my past because I feel I’ve improved.”
“Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy pleasure.”
“It would be fairer weighted than median.”
“Perfection in perception is deception.”
“A shadow is never left in the dark.”
“What can go wrong won’t.”
“I’m 50% bisexual.”

I have added the most enjoyable reads of time (besides mine) to my About Me! page. They are, in no order, Naeled! and Justine, Gianne and PY, Tiara too, plus I updated Lionel set loose‘s link. Some linkees have funky new layouts (though some with CSS designs I abhor).

What? You wanted more?

Minor Update

I’ve just added a Modified Lyric. It’s System Always Down – Drop Day, and it’s about my programmer friends and I doing our job. Heh.

I just came online after a 1.5 week holiday. I came online just for the sake of it.

Irony happens, and the end comes before the beginning. Yup. A breakup and a proposal. All this within a session of being online. (And no, I’m not directly involved in either. ;P )

I am going to leave this post hanging like this. Click on the Replies link below, dangit! Continue my story for your poor old tired worn out blogger, will ya?