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If you’ve visited my blog and went, “wow, those are very nice pictures!” and you’d like to take pictures that make people go, “wow, those are very nice pictures!“, you now CAN.

I am selling the legendary Fujifilm A202 digicam that has immortalized many interesting views in my blog. Every picture you will see as of June 2004 till Christmas Eve 2004 was taken with this very camera. I warn you that this is merely a barebones digicam for those who cannot afford anything better. A lot of it depends on your compositional skills and Photoshop experience.

I’m selling it because I have a better camera now.

The price? RM225, negotiable. However, it also includes a carrying case, a 16MB xD Picture card, AND hands-on training (on the camera, and about Photoshop over MSN chat) from the same person who brought you such eye-catching pictures. ME!

Consider this as well – the 1 Megapixel variant of this camera (the A101) is selling second-hand in Cash Converters Kelana Jaya for RM235.

6 thoughts on “Digicam For Sale

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I was thinking of going small scale first… on Friendster at least people know the seller. Here, people are witness to my pictures. Though failing which, after a while, I’ll submit it. 😛

  2. Justin Guber Post author

    Honestly, I will. Negotiate can lah… come on down to Paul’s this Sunday for the gig, we’ll talk more. Go on. Trip6’s got a new line up and everything… …. …. no… no, of course not!… no, no, no, I’m not teasing you by saying I want your camera in an attempt to get you to come to the gig! I’m not that evil or desperate!… seriously, though, you coming?

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