This Is Not Geek Rock

Self-explanatory. The New Paul’s Place (I’d rather it be called Paul’s New Place) was behind Asoka, a club opposite Pearl International Hotel (near Pearl Point) on the Puchong side of Old Klang Road. I came, finding out about the gig from the MENSA email newsletter. However, upon arriving I found otai Saiful collecting entry donations to this Tsunami charity gig. “Huh what MENSA gig? If there were smart people here, I wouldn’t be here…” I was intimidated by not knowing who I could hand an unsolved Rubik’s Cube to, in the crowd of unusually old people. (They could be Julian Mokthar’s friends!)

This would be the first time I’d see Ariff Akhir perform. Interesting voice and guitar.

Second time for second act Kohl.

Julian Mokhtar and Chris the fiddler on the roof. (Well the new Paul’s Place was way at the top, in a spacious attic…) They did wickedly cool covers of Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven, blues style, and Julian said, “I’m going to murder Metallica next.” (He did Enter Sandman, and Chris’ fiddling was inspiring Apocalyptica-ly.) Ask me for videos!

13-year old Eve sings about life in a Simple Plan kind of way.

Karen Nunis and the dudes were cool, despite Karen being sick. It wasn’t till a guitar string broke that Chris took over the stage with his tasteful fiddle shredding.

One of the dudes had a 3-piece-body Ibanez. Sweeet.

A guest dude would be the drummer – Paul himself!

This would be the first time I’d see the eccentric, zany, brooding 360 Degree Head Rotation as a band and not just one Rafil screaming his head off. The old people left, and I knew then that those were the smart bunch.

Special attention was paid to the lead guitarist Jack. He put the melody to the blaring fuzz of Rafil’s guitar.

Drunk Ben took to the stage, with an acoustic set featuring CK on distorted nylon guitar. Ben’s B***hes dissed, pissed, cursed in verse, and entertained.

Tempered Mental had to be the odd one out with their progressive rock.

So how?

I didn’t meet up with any MENSA people. Yellow bellied I became.

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