Blog Gatherings

Saturday Morning

1200 hours, MPH Sunway Pyramid
No Xfresh bloggers around.

1220 hours, Osim Sunway Pyramid
The salesman amazes me with his knowledge. “You know women with high heels, their calves are more developed.” I actually consider buying one of their products as I sit, testing out the iSqueez.

1238 hours, MPH Sunway Pyramid
I meet Hannna. I drank her Coke. Will, Ed and Kristine soon came along, and we adjourned to Pizza Hut, where Suet Li and Ashraf appeared out of nowhere. Shaz deserves a plug too, for bringing his crowd to Pizza Hut anyway.

We walked about a bit, and I bumped into Hanna’s friend. “Remember me? You drank my coke at the Taylor’s Battle Of The Bands!” (Flashback! Ironically, I drank Hanna’s coke earlier that day.)

The guitar store had two shop assistants doing a very, very cool improvised rendition of Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues. I stood around, waiting for the chorus or solo bit, but no! Somebody who obviously didn’t pay them to jam all day came in. 🙁

Ed and I then headed to Elena‘s barbecue party.

2000 hours, Elena’s House

Good food, though the festivities were marred by some dumb ideas. Well at least I learnt what a body shot was and got CPR. 🙂 Two, I repeat, two, Rubik’s Cubes were totalled that night.

Sunday Morning

0900 hours, Elena’s House

For some reason I seem to like taking pictures of cats basking in the sun. A brand new day. A new tomorrow?

1100 hours, Starbucks New Wing, One Utama
Ed and I spread our unbathed malodor to Peter Tan‘s blog gathering. I shall not provide commentary, links (I’ll steal the full list later) and much less obligatory shots, but the more interesting Photoshop-enhanced ones were:

Ed made a good laptop advertisement model.

Chet brought this baby. Well maybe it wasn’t a baby. It was a kicking teenage rebel. Okay that’s not right either. The Dana Wireless could possibly be the last foray by Palm Computing – cheap notebooks are getting cheaper. Even the HP Ipaq 5450 is considered big, and PDAs have keyboard attachments! Add the proliferation of phones with color screens (when was the last time you heard a monophonic SMS ringtone on the LRT?) and you have something only a die-hard Palm user will buy. At least it has expansion slots, including two SD card slots! That would make a nice transferring device for your digital camera.

That is an awesome afro.

Fazri dropped Lionel and I off at the LRT station, and we headed to Taman Jaya.

1700 hours, some cybercafe in Amcorp Mall

Lionel lives up to his paedophile reputation. Shaky picture was intentionally picked. Itchy girl gives good scratch massage.

Links shall be updated soon, I hope.

6 thoughts on “Blog Gatherings

  1. Syefri Post author

    That could be my hair if my fricking college could let it grow peacefully. Not that I’m going weed or what *middle finger*

  2. Chet Post author

    Hey, thanks for helping to publicise the Dana. But it’s not a Palm Computing device. It just uses the Palm Os and is actually manufactured by a company called AlphaSmart, Inc.


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