Rock And Relax

It is with great sadness that I close the offer to sell my legendary Fujifilm A202 digicam. Anyway, here goes some random pictures with my new camera:

Help me, I’ve got Transformer acquisition syndrome.

No my favorite high-class roadside mamak (Steak N Goreng next to BB Plaza) is gone! (Or they’ve just been goreng-ed.)

Saturday the 22nd

National Treasure was cool. Nicholas Cage carries his classic accidental hero look. He doesn’t even need an eleven to get uh, an undisclosed amount of treasure.

The young balloon slowly rises to the top, and it shall join its trapped brethren.

I finally checked out Dide’s crib. Look ma, no mosquitos!

There is just something so pretty about these colors.

Sunday the 23rd

Rock Dawg Music Fest at Paul’s New Place (I prefer to call it that) had some interesting things, like Triple6Poser’s new lineup. Ed the drummer did hard rock vocals way better than Khai’s punk-stained vocals. However, the new drummer Alex didn’t do a drum solo.

Justin Guber has a shiny new toy.

I discovered that setting my camera to ISO 400 looked pretty with the lights. From top left, left to right then down: The Blumps, Seven, John’s Mistress, Tempered Mental, Fatal Tragedy and Triple6Poser.

I think this public telephone booth was set up not to shade the caller from the sun, but from the menace of bird poo. Somehow, Bangkok Bank and Central Market is the center of bus public transportation as well as domestic avian flights.

In other news:

I don’t usually do this (promote gigs) because of that uncertainty of going (though I usually end up going) and sounding like a hypocrite. Heck.

Where: The Disco (above Liquid) at the back of Central Market
When: Saturday 29th January 2005, 5pm to 9pm
Who: Republic Of Brickfields, Ziel, Brainhead, Zero Gravity, Indka, Insulyna, nightshift
How much: Pre-sale RM15, at the door RM18

I’ll uh, update my links soon. Promise!

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    …but I took the liberty of using your pics for my blog, all linked back to here, of course… hope ye don’t mind.

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