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Free! For A While

My final exam for this semester ended today, and boy was a 40-minute piece of cake. I don’t usually feel this good about exams (since they’re usually a lot harder…)

What’s worse is my next semester; it’s all part-time-timed classes. I have no evenings left! I shall savor the limited days ahead with no fear of coronaviruses or falling nukes!

Anyway, I’ve linked Scopolamine in my About Me! page. This guy has a rather funny way of describing his day-to-day events. That’s the way people should blog about their otherwise boring lives, y’hear? Go, then! (No, not leave, click on Scopolamine!)

Please comment if you feel deprived of such link pimpage. 😛

It also seems that I am never free. Something always has to happen when I’m sick, busy studying for exams (that is a rather short timeframe, but it happened), or whenever I am not free to eradicate the otherworldly scum off the face of the planet. Why oh why?

Tomorrow, my friends. Tomorrow the world will be a happy place again.

Let Go

Sparkling diamond white
The warm fountain takes flight
Into the lake
Where the cake
Freshens and tinges
The nasal passages
The reservoir drains
The organic stains
A depression
Allows gravitation
That becomes a flood
Of streams unpolluted

No Fiction Just Frustration

It doesn’t matter anymore. No point rebuilding the bridge. The waves have swept, crashing all that there is. Fine, imitate irritatingly.

Hide if you will, visit if you want. Freeze me. Throw waves across. You think people think it’s attention-seeking? Well, I think it is now.

Lead us on, just don’t forget your debts.

These destructive thoughts are something I’m letting myself have. For the moment. I’ve sent enough cars over and careening down the fault.

It’s always noisy when you’re not in the conversation.

I’m Still Alive

It’s about time I update. Anyway, here goes:

New familiar-sounding Quotes!

“The problem with sarcasm is that you’re supposed to take it literally.”
“I’m embarrassed of my past because I feel I’ve improved.”
“Money can’t buy happiness but it sure can buy pleasure.”
“It would be fairer weighted than median.”
“Perfection in perception is deception.”
“A shadow is never left in the dark.”
“What can go wrong won’t.”
“I’m 50% bisexual.”

I have added the most enjoyable reads of time (besides mine) to my About Me! page. They are, in no order, Naeled! and Justine, Gianne and PY, Tiara too, plus I updated Lionel set loose‘s link. Some linkees have funky new layouts (though some with CSS designs I abhor).

What? You wanted more?

Flu Ridden Scaredy Cat

That’s me. My momma and my poppa don’t need to warn me of no Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome for me to be quiver in my boots.

What’s even scarier is that there’s no cure. It ends just like that.

I just came back from Sri Aman’s Interact International Understanding day in the morning. Before that I was shivering in the morning, while having breakfast with the Xfresh Crew. We came back to the office in the afternoon, to leave for a birthday party at night.

It is sundawn as I write this and I have been freezing. If I type any harder my fingers would probably crack. 🙁 I have also been sneezing badly and, well, dripping. My temperature has also increased to a scary lukewarm.

Now there’s no doubt that the birthday party is a social oppurtunity, what with the birthday girl inviting her ex-schoolmates. It might be worth noting that she was from a girls’ school. 🙂

The problem is that I have a low immune system. Also, I noticed I have been touching my sensitive nose more often. Although I may not have SARS, I could easily get it there. It’s a major gamble.

Heck, I once correlated having long fingernails to getting sick, since whenever I was really sick I had long fingernails. However, my fingernails are pretty short now…

I’m now waiting for my vehicle-owning-colleagues to get here to pick up the vehicle-less-colleagues from the office. Will I go home or have (pessimistically probably, God forbid) the last night out of my life?


You may wonder why I don’t put up quiz test results like other bloggers do. Why? After a phone call, it all became clear to me.

– People who analyze the results get all paranoid about it.
– I don’t need a result to certify my (insert-description-here)-ness.
– I’m lazy to post the results. 😛

Now, a knockout session between the two websites I know with loads of tests:

– With big heads and all, it kinda screams of Ally McBeal.
– It takes itself too seriously, with the works, like printed certificates.
– It has too many specific tests mostly catered to females.
– It thinks Ricky Martin and Britney Spears are rock stars! :O
– It pulled off a lousy Personality Test paling in comparison to TheSpark‘s.
– Its graphics make it so female-magazine-like.
– The site’s a bit busy so they resorted to font size 1. 🙁

– It’s simply hilarious! The answers and questions have that significant dosage of American humor, but not too crass though.
– Its cartoony graphics are funny, too.
– It shows how much of the population is better or worse off than you.
– It pulled off a widespreading Personality Test that compared with many, many, buddies.
– It’s mostly Verdana font size 2 (like this font you’re reading now…)

TheSpark wins! It owns my soul now, and I don’t mind! So what if it says I’m an accountant but I don’t like accounts?

If I’m not convincing you enough, be your own judge, then.
Emode or TheSpark

Writer’s Block

It’s about time. The block slams me in the face; ready to disarm my slow pace.

My thoughts are frozen. My grey matter brazen. Sure it’s a conductor but it’s too conductant.

The choice is none. There is not even one. Is zero out of zero tasks considered done?

There may be alleviance from any nuisance but balance comes when an event happens.

Perhaps the skill comes from spinning ones will from a still to something that does more than fill?

It will be framed once the famed dame decides to claim that these lines with no name are not lame.

Achieving syncopating words with a ring can be taxing!

So I end my whine. Dots in a line! Dots in a line! Simply divine! They look so fine and they’re all mine…